Converting wind direction in angles to text words

I have wind direction data coming from a weather vane, and the data is represented in 0 to 359 degrees.I want to convert this into text format (compass rose) with 16 different directions.Basically I want to know if there is a fast slick way to scale the angle reading to a 16 string array to print out the correct wind direction without using a bunch of if statements and checking for ranges of anglesWind direction can be found here.thanks!...Read more

How do I convert quaternion values to specific angles

I'm getting quaternion values, and I want to convert these values to 2 angles. One of the angles is between the "ground plane" (please correct me if this is an incorrect name for it) and the fictional vector between the origin and the quaternion point ( the complementary angle of gamma ). The second angle is the rotational angle, this is the rotation that the vector has made relatively to a plane perpendicular to the vector ( R in the picture ). I looked lot up on the internet, but everything I try has a range of -90° to 90°, while I want it to...Read more

Clip angle degrees to a range

I have a function that returns an angle. However, sometimes the returned value (degrees) is negative, or it is below 0, or it is greater than 360.How do I clip the returned value so that it is always between 0 and 360, and is always positive? Do I use the modulo function for this?Thanks....Read more

Closest point based on angle and distance

I have a set of points P1,P2 and P3. I am trying to find the closest point to P1 by using the angle and distance informations. As you can See the closest point to P1 is P2 base on the Y coordinates but the angle deviation is greater than the angle with P3. The point that i should chose as solution should be P3. Is there a formula or a similar problem that was solved?Thank you....Read more

Angles between two lines in maple

It is probably really simple, but I have checked everywhere and it still doesn't work for me. How do you fine the angle between two lines. Lets say we have two line:with(LinearAlgebra):x:=Line([0,0],[2,0]):y:=Line([2,0],[2,2]):How do I find the angle between these two lines. I know the angle is 90 degrees, this is just a simple example so I know the notation and apply it to harder examples....Read more

angle - Degrees to Grades conversion conceptual doubt

I was reading Loney's book on Trigonometry and had this one doubt. Loney saysSince a right angle is equal to 90° and also to 100 g , we have 90° = 100 g . 1 degree = 10/9 grades and1 grade = 9/10 degressHence, to change degrees into grades, add on one- ninth; to change grades into degrees, subtract one-tenth. I don't get how he derives the fact that we have to add one ninth or subtract one tenth from the above? My 15 year old brain can''t make sense of it. Could you please explain how he derives the statement in bold from the above thanks....Read more

angle - Can I expand ABS() with OR/AND

I need check one condition regarding if the car is the similar (+/- 30 degrees) azimuth (compass direction) as the road.Azimuth is an integer [0..359], 0 mean NorthSo if carAzimuth = 0 it is in the same general direction as other roads with roadAzimuth = [330, 345, 0, 15, 30]So I create the formula to check for +/- 30IF ( ABS(carAzimuth - roadAzimuth ) <= 30 OR ABS(carAzimuth - roadAzimuth ) >= 330 ) THEN // 360 -30 I wonder if I can rewrite this without using ABS()...Read more

Calculating supplementary angles from intersecting line with direction and line with gradient

Example image where I'd be interested in finding angles a and bA simulated robotic agent is travelling in an known direction heading relative to north as it hits (at for example, 30 degrees) a straight wall (speeed doesn't matter), of which two points on this wall/line are known (i.e. (-3, 7) and (8, 5)). I am wanting to calculate the supplementary angles that are created as the agent makes contact with the wall when moving in its heading direction. I haven't really done this kind of maths in ages, I'm sure its relatively straight forward, but ...Read more

Clock angle problem

The minute hand of a clock overtakes the hour hand at intervals of 65 minutes of correct time. How much a day does the clock gain?I do not understand the solution of this problem. How do I proceed with this ?...Read more

Do Zero degree angles exist?

If an angle is the measure of distance between to points (Edit: Ok, admittedly bad phrasing. A measure of rotation between two intersecting lines, or points, etc.), is there such a thing as a zero degree angle? I asked a math nerd friend about this years ago and he still hates me for it but couldn't prove it either way at the time. Is this merely pedantic or delusional thoughts regarding definition of "angle" (Edit: based on answer below regarding Euclidian geometry, this all now seems very likely a colossal misunderstanding) or am I missing so...Read more

angle - If I square a measure in radians, is the result measured in steradians?

Originally, SI units included radians and steradians as base units (now they're considered derived). The fact that they bothered to include radians and steradians is confusing to me. I usually think of the SI system as trying to be quite minimal. For example, there's no unit for square meters; you just square the meter.So does the fact that they listed steradians separately from radians imply that a steradian is inherently different from a squared radian?Like... suppose you decided to measure square angles in terms of the surface area on a sphe...Read more