Kivy MapView offline

I'm planning to write a Kivy app containing a (small) offline map. Kivy's Mapview widget seems to be a good choice to display maps but before I start diving into it further one question that I couldn't figure out: Is it possible to use Mapview offline, by using locally stored tiles?...Read more

android mapview - How to handle Mutliple annotation/pinpoint click event in titanium framework?

I have made an application in titanium framework for Google Maps. I have multiple locations on the map and which are shown as annotaion/pinpoints. I have taken click event of the annotation as well. Annotaions will show data in tableview in the next screen.when I am coming back to the Google Maps screen, I have to click back button twice rather than once.Queries :1) can any body help me out how to handle the back event which should come back by 1 click only instead of 2 clicks and which should not render the data 2 times on 2 clicks of back...Read more

lines - How can i clear all mapview items in Nutiteq?

I'm developing a traffic application with using nutiteq map. There is over 500 traffic lines, lot of markers about traffic. I drew traffic lines with this way;public void drawlines(){ ArrayList<MapPos> arr_lat_long1 = new ArrayList<MapPos>(); for(int i = 0; i < arr_lat_long1.size(); i ++){ MapPos lineMapPos = new MapPos(arr_lat_long1.get(i).x,arr_lat_long1.get(i).y); arr_lat_long1.add(lineMapPos); geoLayer = new GeometryLayer(new EPSG4326()); mapView.getLayers().addLayer(geoLayer); LineSty...Read more

openstreetmap - Android marker and OSM mapview messed up when installing the app in different resolution

I am using a 1280 x 760 resolution phone. recently i tried to open my app that has open street map implemented in a 2560 x 1440 resolution phone. Little do i know, it actually messed up all my marker that i have plotted. From what i understand when working with map, this shouldn't happen as i plot the marker using the lat long. (i set my zoom level to 18 (max))Have anyone experiences this problem? Any help is greatly appreciate. Thanks...Read more

Google Maps Android API v2 very slow when adding lots of Markers

I am updating an existing Android app to use the new Google Maps Android API v2. I have about 2500 markers that I want to add to the map. With the older version of the API I found the responsiveness of the maps to be horrendous when there are 2500 markers, so I had to work around it by only adding markers that are in the current visible region of the map.I was hoping 2500 markers would be faster with the new API, but it's still awful, even on a Nexus 4, and I'm not seeing any sort of option to do clustering.So my question: how can I determine...Read more

Google Maps Android API V2 check if GoogleMaps are installed on device

When using Google Maps Android API V2 I'm following the Google Play Services setup documentation to make a check to ensure that Google Play Services are installed, using the following code in my main Activity:@Overridepublic void onResume(){ checkGooglePlayServicesAvailability(); super.onResume();}public void checkGooglePlayServicesAvailability() { int resultCode = GooglePlayServicesUtil.isGooglePlayServicesAvailable(this); if(resultCode != ConnectionResult.SUCCESS) { Dialog dialog = GooglePlayServicesUtil.get...Read more

google maps api 2 - mapview and cameraupdate in api v2

Why the CameraUpdateFactory class is not working in my project?The app crashes if it executes the following command: CameraUpdate pino= CameraUpdateFactory.newLatLng(new LatLng(location.getLatitude(), location.getLongitude())); If i remove that line (and of course the next one), the code successfully starts and shows the map.I need the mapView and i need to use the new api v2.I declare the mapView in layout in this way: < xmlns:android="" xm...Read more

Android Mapview not loading tiles on HTC Desire?

I have an app on the android market, which uses the mapview to display some locations. This works fine on all the devices i have tested it on. After having it on the market for a while, i see several people reporting a problem.The mapview does not seam to display/load the tiles on the map, and only displays the gray grid. All the people reporting this, are using a HTC Desire/Desire Z/Desire HD. I have searched for this problem, and seen many having problems with their mapview, and they often have a HTC desire, but i have not found any mention o...Read more

android mapview - Updating an AnnotationView Callout after details entered in View Controller that was pushed form the map view

I have a simple maps app with multiple pins on a map view. My intention is to tap a pin, show a callout with an accessory view, push to a Detail View Controller where you can edit that pin/locations details. This all works fine, but once i pop the Detail View Controller the callout on the map view is still there, which i want, but it still has the old uneditied values. How can i refresh/update the callout view once the Detail View Controller is popped?I am using Core Data with a simple database. I have tried using controllerdidchangecontent, Ma...Read more

Calling mapview from non extending mapview class

I am calling the draw overlay method from the other class , I cant able to draw the overlay.I got the exception as below. Please check out and give me a solution for at at com.lifedots.mapoverlaydraw.MyItemizedOverlay.<init>( at com.lifedots.BalloonItemizedOverlay.onTap( at at more