Can Android Device Manager remotely erase my stolen phone's data AFTER synced gmail account's password has already been changed by me?

My android phone has been stolen. The thief took out the sim and immediately turned it off.My Gmail account was synced to it and I tried to remotely ring,locate and erase data using gmail on PC.However, since the phone was off and having no internet connection, the access was being continuously denied.When I tried erasing data remotely, a message appeared "Request sent". After that I changed the password to my gmail account that was synced on the stolen mobile android device. Now I have the following concerns:1) Since request for erasing passwo...Read more

How to control my mom's Android phone?

My mom has an Android phone and I have it too. We both are thousands of miles away. She is a new smartphone user, and it is hard for her to learn the skills to use it. She needs help to turn off music, for example. She called me but I could not help her with instructions. Is there a way to remotely operate her phone from mine? I would like to help her with issues and try to make her independent as far as I can. My dad recently passed away; she is alone so i suggested her YouTube, etc. I want to teach her how to use the apps.Thanks...Read more

samsung galaxy s7 - Android Device Manager lock doesn't prompt for password

My phone stopped taking my normal password all of a sudden, so I'm using Android Device Manager to set a new password. Android Device Manager is working fine and allowing me to call my phone and change the message on the lock screen.However, the screen won't let me input any sort of password to login. If I hit the Android back button, it takes me to the standard unlock screen, but that screen won't accept my password.How do I get back into my phone after setting a Lock in Android Device Manager?(I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S7 if it matters)...Read more

android device manager - How can a lost locked phone in airplane mode be unlocked?

I lost my Android phone on vacation that was in airplane mode (Moto G5, v7 updated). It was protected by fingerprint and swipe. I almost always use the fingerprint to unlock, but do very occasionally use the swipe.I locked it online remotely and remotely logged out of it when I realized it was lost several hours later. The timeout interval should be only 1 or 2 minutes.I was hoping to recover it in some fashion, so I didn't remotely wipe it, secure in the knowledge that it couldn't be unlocked.So I was surprised to be contacted two days (!) aft...Read more

swype - How to turn off Android corner page curl?

I'm having an Android page curl issue. I've read up on it and a lot of people say it's a clean master app.. but I don't have that app, or omniswipe.. or and of the other apps mentioned... My phone died earlier today, and when I turned it on the curl was suddenly there... Idk where it came from or how to get rid of it. Because it's sapping my battery, I can see the difference, and it frankly really annoying. Ive even had to move all my app up to the top of the pages just so I don't inadvertently swipe the tiniest bit and that curl pops up.... Pl...Read more

tried tracking my phone through android device manager. having trouble doing!

i lost my s3 a few days back so i tried to locate it using the android device manager. it is showing the date i last used it on but not showing where it was last used. can someone suggest me way to see its last location?also, i was registered with androidlost even that is not able to show my last location. keeps showing the message "message successfully sent to google who will forward it when it is online".i understand my phone needs to be online for it to show the location but it also says that if its not online my last location will be shown....Read more

How can I find my stolen android mobile?

This morning one of my Android mobile has been stolen. I had ‘signed in’ in Google Crome and play store in that device with one of my gmail acount. I'm trying to find the mobile through’ device manager. But It says ‘location unavailable’. Is it because the stolen mobile is switched off or the stolen mobile isn't connected to the internet? My stolen mobile needs to be connected to internet so that I can locate the mobile? Or I can locate the mobile if it's just switched on and no longer connected to the internet? What happens if the thieft sign ...Read more

Help! android device manager... will enable lock & erase appear after resetting the device?

I lost my phone, it's an LG G2 Verizon, it wasn't factory reset and when I go to ADM it showed the device with the options of Lock and Erase separately... At first I locked it, but then I erased it, and I received an email from the ADM saying ( Android Device Manager will try to erase the data on your Android device and SD card. If the data is successfully erased, your device will display the Android Welcome screen the next time it's turned on. ) after moments both buttons disappeared and I only had one option which is Ring or Enable lock &...Read more

logged in from friends tablet but in device manager it shows current device is my cell phone

I logged into my Google account from my friends tablet.went to my account info page. Looked at my recent activities and it shows all devices I've logged in from. The top one says My Cell Phones name and says its my Current Device. HOW can that be? I'm across town from my cell phone at the moment and I'm on a friends tablet for the first time ever! Does this mean these two devices are linked in some weird way? Spy app or?? I can even go to google play and click on My Apps and it shows the apps that are actually installed on my cell phone!...Read more

How do I Disable Android Device Manager on Sold Device?

I am a GSuite user and a ZTE Axon 7 device that I recently sold via SWAPPA was setup with Android Device Manager. I did a factory reset on the device, but when the buyer powered on the device, he said that the device indicated that it was already associated with a Google account and he would need the credentials to configure it. I went into the standard Find my Device and tried to remove it, and it appeared to have been removed from whatever screen I was on, but the buyer is still complaining. I am still seeing the device here: more