What is the check-in time for the Amtrak bus from Vancouver to Seattle?

I've purchased a bus ticket from Amtrak to go from Vancouver to Seattle and the booking page displayed a warning about special conditions for passengers crossing the border: Passengers traveling from Vancouver, BC, to the United States should arrive at least one hour prior to departure for border crossing processing.However I presume that this warning only applies to trains, as buses only go through border control at the actual border, rather than at the train station. But the Amtrak page fails to mention the check-in times for their bus anywh...Read more

san francisco bay area - Amtrak Capitol Corridor single ride tickets -- are they bound to a specific run?

So, in the not-so-distant future, we have a very short jaunt on an Amtrak Capital Corridor train as part of a larger itinerary (that, a BART ride, and a stroll are saving us a car rental here). However, we're not precisely sure what time of the day we'll be catching the train (due to a tight flight connection earlier in the itinerary), which raises a question about how the Capitol Corridor is ticketed, since we'd much rather buy tickets ahead and have everything covered, than flag down the conductor on a short ride like this.Are Capitol Corrid...Read more

Amtrak Seating NY to DC

We are traveling from NY to DC in January. Their website is confusing. Different fares listed for what appears to be the same type of seats. Can I reserve specific seats or are they first come first serve?...Read more

amtrak - Showers near Denver Union Station?

We are planning a trip for later this summer via Amtrak and are planning on stopping in Denver. But we're traveling in coach, so will not have access to the on-board showers on the train. Do people have suggestions on if there are showers near to Denver Union Station that offer privacy and towels for a reasonable cost? I'd though about looking to see if there was a health or athletic club we could contact and pay a few dollars to use their showers, but not sure if there might be other options within an easy walking distance....Read more

amtrak - How are zone-boundary cities treated for the purpose of redemption travel?

Take a look at the zone map Amtrak provides for travel based on redemption of reward points.Some cities, like Wolf Point, Denver, Cincinnati, and Atlanta appear to be located on zone boundaries. Which zone do they count as? (That is, do they count "in favor" of the purchaser, so that Atlanta is in the Eastern zone for travel from DC and the Central zone for travel from New Orleans, or "against" the purchaser, so that the opposite is true?)...Read more