audio - Is it safe to plug home stereo amplifier to my Scarlett Focusrite Solo?

I would be using rca to rca cable. The back of the Focusrite Solo has RCA connections (White and Red). My home stereo amplifier has an aux out rca connection. Would this work without damaging anything? I know that I must lower the volume of both interfaces first since I might damage them, Let's say if I did take this precaution, would problems still arise with this type of set up?...Read more

amplifiers - No sound is coming to focusrite scarlett 2i2 when connected to emulated output of amp

Recently I bought a Blackstar Series One 10 AE tube amp. I was trying to connect the amp's speaker emulated output to the input of my Focusrite 2i2 (1st gen), which goes to FL Studio 20 as a track that I want to record. But there's no sound coming into the interface. The green ring around the gain knob of the interface doesn't light up. I've made sure both the guitar and amp are sending adequate volume. But if I connect my Audio Technica M50x headphone (38 ohm) to the emulated output, then I can hear the sound properly. I've also checked the le...Read more

amplifiers - Using smaller more inefficient speaker to dampen volume with tube amps

I had an epiphany recently in my never ending search for the perfect tone. I have 7-8 amps and have played/owned just about every amp imaginable (boutique, standards, mods, etc.) In my 5 watt champ clone, I use a very old 10" Jensen that came out of an old B-3 speaker cabinet. It's 8 ohms, so it matches most of my various amps. I decided to try on on one of my favorite 25 watt amps that has absolute killer tone at about 7-8, but is so loud that it blows the windows out of almost any small to medium size venue. I plugged it into here and I got f...Read more

amplifiers - Fender hot rod deluxe connected to speaker simulator diagram

I am trying to connect my Fender hot rod deluxe tube amp to a speaker simulator. My speaker simulator is the Iron Cab which has a "link out", and the manual description says: Attention! When using IRon Cab with a guitar amp, be sure that the guitar cabinet/load emulation is connected to the LINK jack. Otherwise IRon Cab and the amp will be damaged.I know I can go from speaker out to cab sim and then from LINK back to speaker, but I am wondering if I do the following connections without using the link, but the speaker is connected to my amp, am...Read more

amplifiers - Headphone AMP Inputs

The following headphone amp has two inputs. I have no idea what the "Link" inputs are. Does someone know if it is possible to connect 4 inputs in generall?Purpose: one guitar, one e-piano with two outputs each should be amplified with this amp.Headphone amp: Millenium HP1...Read more

amplifiers - Big amp at min volume vs. little amp at high volume?

Tim's answer at Can playing an amp at minimum volumes (<1%) be harmful to it? states that playing a large amp quietly is safe, but that the sound quality is often disappointing.Is the poor sound quality a matter of running a big amp at low volume or of running any amp at low volume? If the only need is for low volume is one better off running a small amp in the middle of its volume range than a large amp turned way down?For context, I'm currently happy playing electric guitar through a Roland M-Cube (2W / 5" speaker) at about 3-5 / 10 on the...Read more

amplifiers - Help/Question about Microphone / Phantom power and audio interface

Just a quick short question, I have a USB audio interface (emu0202) which plugs into my pc but of course, the interface (emu0202) isn't 'Phantom Power' capable,So I wanted to know if it's possible to plug a separate wall powered phantom power brick into a USB audio interface So it'll go like: MIC > Wall Powered Phantom Power Brick > USB PC Powered Audio Interface > PCMIC > Wall Powered Phantom Power Brick (via XLR cbl) > USB PC Powered Audio Interface (via XLR cable) > PC (via USB)...Read more

amplifiers - Speaker impedance: rewiring four 8 Ω speakers for use with 8 Ω amp output

OK, so I always experiment in my studio. Six amps, multiple speaker cabs, but I have a new question and need help. Most of my amps are 8 Ω output, but some have ext speaker jack in which they convert to 16 ohm when you plug in the ext.For example, with my Black Magick, I'll often blend the stock speaker with a 57 (highly inefficient) Jensen 10" 8 Ω. It gives me a blend of the clear "sparkle" of the stock speaker and a very satisfying saturated speaker OD on the 10. Recently-I found 4 of these 8 Ω cletron 6X9, 8 Ω speakers wired in parallel in a...Read more

amplifiers - Hendrix tone using a Marshall DSL and Fuzz Face

I'm playing a strat through a Jim Dunlop Fuzz Face (Band of Gypsys edition) into a Marshall DSL5C combo. I'm looking for a starting point for getting a Hendrix-y tone. Can anyone recommend some settings, or advise where to start? Playing the fuzz face into the clean channel doesn't give much sustain, yet fuzz face doesn't have too much impact using the Ultra Gain channel on the DSL....Read more

amplifiers - Amp modeling on multi fx pedal through an amp

I wasn't really sure where to ask this question but this seemed as good as place as any so hopefully someone will be able to help. I'm not majorly knowledgeable when it comes to gear so I apologize in advance if I sound like a 'noob', so I would appreciate it if you could explain as clearly as possible.I'm planning on a buying a multi fx pedal which has amp modeling as well, such as the line 6 helix lt, boss gt100, headrush (I'm sure this applies to all of them). I want to use the amp modeling but occasionally I only am able to plug my guitar i...Read more

amplifiers - Are stereo speakers suitable substitutes for studio/rehearsal monitor? What amps/preapms are required?

first time posting.I have an old JVC player, model: MX-V508T. It has two unit, a CD/AMP/DECK TUNER UNIT and a Speaker unit. The CD/AMP/DECK TUNER UNIT is getting beyond repair. So, I want to dispose it and use the speakers for group practicing and starting a home studio for recording.My intended inputs for practice/rehearsal include synthesizer keyboard, a bass, 1-2 guitars, acoustic and/or electric, and 1-3 vocals.I intend to get a 8/10 channel analog mixer with USB interface which will be able to serve both practice and recording.Question 1: ...Read more

amplifiers - Mic Into Guitar Amp

I am in a band and don’t have a massive budget. I am thinking of getting a Shure SM58 mic but do not have enough money to get a PA System for it. I am thinking of getting a cheap guitar amp and plugging it into there. So do I get a lead from the mic straight into the amp or a mic into a pre amp into the amp? Which would be safer and produce a better quality sound? Any answer would be greatly appreciated...Read more