Ammonite classpath clashes with Github4s (java.lang.AbstractMethodError)

I’m writing an ammonite script to work with Github4s library to access the github api and have a issue, probably with the classpath. The simple version of the script is as follows:import $ivy.`com.47deg::github4s:0.17.0`, github4s.Github, github4s.Github._, github4s.jvm.Implicits._, scalaj.http.HttpResponseval listCommits = Github().repos.listCommits("lihaoyi", "ammonite")listCommits.exec[cats.Id, HttpResponse[String]]() match { case Left(e) => println(s"Something went wrong: ${e.getMessage}") case Right(r) => r.result.foreach { commit ...Read more

How can I make scala's ammonite use scala.util instead of ammonite.util as default for util?

In the "official" scala REPL I can do scala> import util.Randomscala> util.Random.nextIntres0: Int => -306696783but in Ammonite-REPL I get @ import object Random is not a member of pack ammonite.utilimport util.Random ^Compilation FailedSo right now I have to use the scala. prefix to make it work in Ammonite:@ import scala.util.Random@ scala.util.Random.nextIntres1: Int = 503117434I'm kind of new to Scala so I don't get why would ammonite use a different util than the (for me) "official" util, so I would app...Read more

using cd! in ammonite scripts fails in 0.7.8, worked in earlier version

Using ammonite 0.7.0 using cd! in scripts would change you to that directory and execute the following bit of code, which was great as i've been using ammonite for build & deploy of a scala project.But in 0.7.8 this does not work any longer, it fails TestCd.scimport ammonite.ops._import ammonite.ops.ImplicitWd._cd! root/'Users/' not found: value cdval res_2 = cd! root/'Users/'jeffI can make it work in this (very) small test by changing the code to import and instantiate a, but tha...Read more