Installing fasd on Amazon Linux

I've been having trouble finding info on how to install a utility library like fasd on amazon linux. have found repositories for SUSE, RHEL, and other yum based distros. But being a bit of a newb to amazon linux, I'm not sure if there is a parallel to those distros for getting this on Amazon Linux....Read more

Logstash Unrecognized service Amazon Linux

I have been following this tutorial to install ELK stack in a remote server which runs on Amazon Linux. was able to install Elasticsearch and then to start it as a service.Then I installed logstash. However when I try to start the logstash service using this command,service logstash status the console returns this error. logstash: unrecognized serviceHowever, when I grep'd the logstash it gave this output. Means it is running,right?Can someone provide a solution how to make this logstash ...Read more