amazon ec2 - Error detaching Instances from Autoscaling

In trying to detach a list of more than 50 instances from EC2 autoscaling, I got the following validation error : conn_as.detach_instances(,listOfInstances,decrement_capacity=True) List exceeds the maximum number of instances to detach. Please retry your request with fewer instances.How can I force the detachment of all the requested number of instances ?Note: I am using boto2...Read more

what is Cloud foundry ? and how to integrate with amazon services

Hi i am new to understanding the concept and necessity of Cloud foundry?what is cloud foundry is it a free server. what type of services it offering that are beneficial for my amazon cloud application?how to Setup on EC2 instance Comment with developer perspective because we have git Hub for source code versing control system. i found cloud foundry provides load balancing deployment directly feature ? what about my multiple project deployment like PHP, Java, Mobile and what about User management to restrict developer only update code to deploy...Read more

amazon ec2 - Why can instances in my VPC still ping instances in different subnet?

I have a VPC. In it I have two sub-nets (subnet-1, subnet-2).Subnet-1 has these EC2 instances:, has these EC2 instances:, would expect to be able to ping from to and I can. However, I would not expect to be able to ping from to but I can. I thought the whole point of a subnet was to keep instances in it isolated from other subnets? Why then can I ping across subnets?...Read more

Single instance Amazon EC2

We're running a lightweight web app on a single EC2 server instance, which is fine for our needs, but we're wondering about monitoring and restarting it if it goes down.We have a separate non-Amazon server we'd like to use to monitor the EC2 and start a fresh instance if necessary and shut down the old one. All our user data is on Elastic Storage, so we're not too worried about losing anything.I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using EC2 in this way, and in particular of automating the process of starting the new instance? We have ...Read more

amazon ec2 - Exposing kubernetes service using elastic ip address on aws

I'm trying to figure out how to run openvpn server running inside a pod using UDP protocol.Since it's easier to test using http than openvpn connections, I have also nginx-container running inside that same pod as openvpn-container is.I can get everything working inside the cluster but I cannot expose this nginx service to Internet using my elastic ip.Network is Weave.Kubernetes version is 1.6I have set the externalIPs-field in the service.yaml to my elastic ip address. I cannot use type LoadBalancer since my protocol is UDP.Service:# kubectl d...Read more

amazon ec2 - ERROR! dnet header not found

Snort Version: compiling getting following error on AWS EC2. Tried googling but the provided solutions not working. ./configure --enable-sourcefire && make && make installERROR! dnet header not found, go get it from or use the --with-dnet-* options, if you have it installed in an unusual placemake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop...Read more

Amazon Redshift ODBC connection EC2

I'm not able to connect to my Redshift cluster through ODBC from an EC2 instance. However, I'm able to connect to it from an outside computer (for eg My Macbook) using the ODBC connector. I have been trying and trying but in vain. How can I make my EC2 instance connect to Redshift? The Error I get is:Is the Server running on host .................and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5439?I'm really confused as I can connect form outside but not from an EC2. Thanks for the help....Read more

amazon ec2 - How to write a cloud-init script to download and run a program?

I have Go compiled executable (say on S3) that I'd like to download and run (perpetually) on a set of EC2 instances (an auto scaling group). This needs to be completely automatic via cloud-init.The closest I can find is to use upstart and do something like this#upstart-jobdescription "APP1"start on cloud-configconsole outputservicescriptcurl -p 9090end scriptIs this really that simple? And will this make upstart manage the application as a service as well?...Read more

amazon ec2 - ec2 upstart, what is the `start on` command to wait for network

Firstly this is a double post with serverfault, Please advise what is better site for this type of question.This is my first time with upstart. I can not get the following script to launch when waiting for the network to initiate. It will work if using standard start on runlevel [2345] stop on runlevel [!2345]I have also tried various combinations ofstart on filesystem and net-device-up IFACE=eth0start on filesystem and net-device-up IFACE!=loAny suggestions would be gratefuldescription "test for on network start"start on (started network-inter...Read more

amazon ec2 - Editing cloud-init files

I've created a cloud-init file using Terraform's aws_instance.user_data parameter.This then is executed on start up, on Centos machines, by the cloud-init systemd service.I would like to edit this file for dev/testing purposes on the fly then simply restart the said service.To this end, where can I find the cloud-init file that contains the commands run by the cloud-init service?...Read more

amazon ec2 - The MD member name is changed in ec2

I create a RAID1 device with mdadm in an EC2 instance. The version of mdadm is v3.3.2./sbin/mdadm --create /dev/md1 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/xvdf /dev/xvdkThis is the output of mdstat:cat /proc/mdstat Personalities : [raid1] md1 : healthy raid1 xvdk[1] xvdf[0] 41594888 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU]It's normal. We see that there are two member disks xvdk and xvdf for this RAID1 device.However, I find the members of MD device become /dev/sd* in "mdadm -D" output:mdadm -D /dev/md1/dev/md1: Version : 1.2 Creation Time : Fri Dec 1...Read more