alignment - Getting two tables in LaTeX to have the same (right-aligned) column width

I have two very short and consecutive sections (for a CV), each containing a small table:\section{Work Experience}\begin{tabular}{r|p{11cm}}Current & Your job at Your Company, Town \\Jan 2009 & What your company does \\& A description of what you do\\\multicolumn{2}{c}{}\ \end{tabular}\section{Education}\begin{tabular}{r|p{11cm}}Slightly wider first column & University, Town \\Jan 2009 & Thesis subject \\& A description of what you did\\\multicolumn{2}{c}{}\ \end{tabular}So each table has two columns: The first containin...Read more

alignment - Aligning column in tabularx

I want to align the last column properly. There is extra space towards the end. Please let me know how to do that. Thanks. \documentclass[11pt]{article}\usepackage{setspace} %double spacing and spacing in tables \usepackage{amsmath} %equations etc. in latex\usepackage[capposition=top]{floatrow} %so that the caption for figures appear at the top\usepackage[tablename=TABLE,figurename = FIGURE,labelsep=newline,aboveskip=0pt,font=bf,justi...Read more

LaTex items left alignment in resume writing

I am trying to write a resume with LaTex. Does anyone know how to left flush items? The code I use is \documentclass[11pt, letterpaper]{article} \usepackage[letterpaper, margin=0.75in]{geometry} \usepackage{mdwlist} \usepackage{sectsty} \allsectionsfont{\centering} \newcommand{\headerrow}[2] {\begin{tabular*}{\linewidth}{l@{\extracolsep{\fill}}r} #1 & #2 \\ \end{tabular*}} \begin{document} \hrule \vspace{-0.4em} \subsection*{experience} \begin{itemize} \item[] \heade...Read more

alignment - Custom aligning text in a Table in LaTeX

Basically, I want to produce the following table in LaTeX (Notice the "comma alignment" of the second cell) :----------------------------------------| Header1 | Header2 |----------------------------------------| 1 | "value 1" , "value 2" || 2 | "one" , "two" || 3 | "abcdefheasal" , "ok" |----------------------------------------The way I would produce the table above in LaTeX is as follows:\begin{tabular}{|c|l|} \hline Header1 & Header2 \\ \hline 1 & ``value 1'' ...Read more

alignment - Centering Text within a Multirow Cell in LaTex

This is probably best explained with an example. I have the following table, where the "A" cell spans two rows, and the "B" cell spans two columns.\begin{table}[htdp]\begin{tabular}{l|r|r}\multirow{2}{*}{A} & \multicolumn{2}{c}{B} \\ & B1 & B2 \\a & b1 & b2 \\a & b1 & b2 \\\end{tabular}\end{table} _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |A |_ _ _ _B_ _ _ _||_ _ _ _|_ _B1_ |_ _B2_ ||a | b1| b2||a | b1| b2||a | b1| b2||_ _ _ _| _ _ _ |_ _ _ _|I would like to center the text in the "A" cell,...Read more

Vertical alignment of text in a table cell

I would like to align the text to bottom in the second cell.The first cell extends to 2 lines, because of insufficent width and that's OKBut the text in the second cell is only one line and shows up at the top of the cell.How can I align it to bottom? I tried vertical-align="bottom" text-align="bottom" text-align="end" on row , cell and block levels.. Any of them worked?!? <fo:table font="normal 10 pt Arial, sans-serif" width="100%"><fo:table-column column-width="40mm"/><fo:table-column column-width="130mm"/><fo:table-body...Read more

alignment - Align widgets along baseline of field in Vaadin Flow 12

I am trying vertical alignment within a HorizontalLayout in Vaadin 12. In most apps I can imagine, it makes sense to line up widgets along the baseline of the text fields, as text fields tend to drive the layout of most apps, and specifically of business apps. So I was glad to find FlexComponent.Alignment.BASELINE offered for HorizontalLayout. But when I tried it in a Vaadin 12.0.2 app, the baseline seems to be everything except the text field. Here is an example app. I downloaded the generated base starter and touched nothing but the content o...Read more

alignment - How could I get an editor to align vertically by a single character in selected text?

Let's say I've got a document (it happens to be a BibTeX file) filled with thousands of entries like this:@article{hierarchy_problem_1, title = {Dynamics of spontaneous symmetry breaking in the Weinberg-Salam theory}, author = {Susskind, Leonard}, journal = {Physical Review D}, volume = {20}, number = {10}, pages = {2619--2625}, year = {1979}, month = {November}, publisher = {American Physical Society}}I want to be able to select one of those, or maybe a bunch of them, and get them to change to be aligned vertically b...Read more

alignment - Centering Bootstrap 4 pills to align over each other on small screens

Is there a built-in Bootstrap 4 trick that will align these three to centre, in a line "on a large screen", with a small space between them, then place them over each other when displayed on a small screen? <h4 class="h4">Follow Social Media</h4> <div class="row"> <div class="col-6-lg col-4-md col-1-sm center-pills"> <ul class="nav nav-pills"> <li class="nav-tabs"> <a class="nav-link active social social_f" href="#">Facebook</a> </li> ...Read more

alignment - Align horizontally 3 elements over 3 divs

I have 3 articles in a row that have each a title, a description and a link list. The amount of content is always different, heights of the 3 elements are unknown. I am trying to align the corresponding ones horizontally to each other using flexbox. Anyone can help? Here's an example:<html><head> <title>Horizontal Alignment</title> <style type="text/css"> * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } li { list-style: none; } * { box-sizing: border-box; } ...Read more

alignment - How to get gnuplot to use a centered multi-line title, with left-aligned lines?

I want my (gnu)plot to have a multi-line title. I would like the title to be centered (i.e. the distance from the center of the widest title line to the edges should be equal), but not to have each line centered independently of the others, which is the default behavior; I want to have the title lines left-aligned and centered only as a block.How can I achieve this?...Read more

alignment - Align table to the right of a page

I currently have an html page including a series of patterns organized as follows :a div including a jqplot aligned to the left of the page the associated table below the jqplot.I'd like to align the table to the very right of the jqplot.Here is a link showing the current organization for the html : for now I don't have any style within the html.The jqplot is called with the div and the table is not currently within any div if this helps.Any help will be greatly apprecia...Read more

Why can't a choose a fixed height for my wrapper without affecting vertical alignment of children?

This has been bothering me. Although I've resolved my problem using padding for the container to create the desired height of the container, I'm still puzzled on why this happens.I have a container with two child elements inside, like so:<div class="container"> <img src="" id="first-item"/> <img src="" id="second-item"/></div>I vertical align the children to the container using the below:#first-item, #second-item { display: inline-block; vertical-align: middle...Read more

hbox/vbox alignment issues in ZK framework

I'm having some issues with Hbox and Vbox layout.I know they behave somewhat like DIVs, but I just can't alignt them the way I want.I have tried to add DIVs, separators, pack, align, width, every kind of workaround, but can't seem to make it work.This is the north of my layout, and I just want it in two pieces:The left one, that contains the most part of the components, it's all align to the left with some spacementAnd the right one, that will just have some exporting options, and it's all centralized.I'd post an image, but I don't have enought...Read more