Lock down a device address in AirPort Utility?

I have one device on my network that does not use any form of rDNS or Bonjour, and I have to access it primarily through ssl. So I'd like to to stop moving around in the IP listing so I know where it is (instead of, as I did yesterday, assuming it was broken). Is there a way, through the AirPort Utility, to give a particular device, as identified by MAC, a specific non-changing IP address?...Read more

How can see ALL devices (including ethernet) connected to Airport Extreme?

I am running Airport Utility 6.3. I can see the list of WIRELESS clients connected. I can't see anywhere in the utility where I can see WIRED/ETHERNET clients connected.Other posts on this site refer to an Advanced Settings Tab on Airport Utility 6.x. or else Manual Setup. I don't see this anywhere in the GUI. Under the Network tab, you can reserve static IPs, but that's not what I want, I want to see which WIRED (not just wireless) devices are actually connected. I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with my DirecTV box which doesn't seem ...Read more