"Multi-agent computing" in simple terms

I've encountered the term "multi-agent computing" as of late, and I don't quite get what it is. I've read a book about it, but that didn't answer the fundamental question of what an agent was.Does someone out there have a pointer to some reference which is clear and concise and answers the question without a load of bullshit/marketing speak? I want to know if this is something I should familiarise myself, or whether it's some crap I can probably ignore, because I honestly can't tell....Read more

agent based modeling - How to generate different 2D displays in Repast Simphony (gui or style code?)?

I have built a 3D model in repast simphony and it is working (fairly) well. However, due to the nature of the model, agents tend to form dense clumps. I was wondering if there is a way to generate a 2D slice or cross section through the middle of the clump to see what agents are doing inside the clumps, by either generating a continuously updating 2D display or an end-state view.I have explored the display options in the gui and experimented with different layering of the agents, but due to the density, none of these have worked. Would there be...Read more

Repast: how to get a particular agent set based on the specific conditions?

I am previously working with Netlogo and there are some very good built-in methods that allow me to filter and control the desired agents from the total population. (see: http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/docs/dictionary.html#agentsetgroup). For instance, I could very easily to command the different class of people agent in a simulation with simple codes like: ask peoples with [wealth_type = "rich"] [donate money...] ask peoples with [wealth_type = "poor"] [get money from rich people...]In Repast, are there list of methods specifically buil...Read more

Repast Java: scheduling agent and global behaviors in a structural way

I am previously working with Netlogo for years and I am very much getting used to developing the agent-based model based on a set of procedures. An example of supply chain simulation model structure looks like below:;;the main simulation loop@ScheduledMethod(start = 1, interval = 1)public void step() { place-order-to-suppliers() ;;procedures involving customer agent behaviors (a number of methods) receive-shipment-from-suppliers() ;;procedures involving both supplier and customer agents and their behaviors (methods) receive-orde...Read more

Repast: how to count the total number of agents satisfying the specific condition

Each agent has a private boolean variable "Happy?". how to count the agents with [Happy? = True]?Is there a direct method available in repast? Or I have iterate through all agents and count them individually?Update:I have tried the global scheduling method: https://repast.github.io/docs/RepastReference/RepastReference.html#schedule-global It's not working when I put below code using the @ScheduledMethods in the ContextBuilder.grid.moveTo(this_girl, group_x,group_y); } } return context; } @ScheduledMethod(st...Read more