aeneis - Does "Iulus" predate Vergil?

In Vergil's Aeneid, Aeneas's son is given the name Iulus/Julus, which would correspond to the clan name Iulius/Julius. Not at all coincidentally, this implies a connection between the legendary hero Aeneas and the clan of Caesar and Augustus.However, outside of the Aeneid, I've only seen Aeneas's son being named Ilus, from Ilium/Ἴλιον, "Troy".So I'm curious: is the name Julus, with the added U, attested anywhere before the Gens Julia took power? Or even anywhere before Vergil's writing? Or did Vergil make it up to lend some extra legitimacy to ...Read more

aeneis - Structure of the Aeneid

As far as I remembered, there are two dominant structural theories of the Aeneid:The Homer Theory (a name I made up, I forgot the official one), claiming that the first 6 books resemble the Odyssey with odysseys and books 7-12 resembling the Iliad with all the fighting.A structuring by Niklas Holzberg, which split the text into 3 parts and, as far as I can recall, linked them to the history of Rome (kings, republic, emperors or something like that). I have done a search through my sources but couldn't find anything on that.Can anyone provide me...Read more