gurps 4e - How to write an adventure where the primary focus is the characters being hunted - Rol

My germ of an idea is that the PC's are in the Mist Realm (an alternate plane where visibility is dramatically reduced) and are being hunted by a group of Displacer Beasts. Under the PC's care are several townsfolk who were also drawn into the Mist Realm.My thoughts so far are this:The characters must:Become aware that they are being huntedBe on the run or lose scuffles with the beasts.Eventually are able to turn the tables on the beasts, perhaps by tracking them back to their lair and killing them while they are off-guard (or similar).The main...Read more

swords and wizardry - Advice for creating/running my first city adventure session? - Rol

My group is playing Swords and Wizardry, they just went through Grimmsgate and we're branching out from there. I've never ran a city adventure before, but my group is really interested in more in depth cities so I'm trying to figure out how I could/should run a city adventure.I've got a city they are traveling to but have never been to so I'm trying to flesh it out and give them things to do in the city.I've been looking at vornheim but seem to have gotten lost in all the bizareness that is.For someone who has never created an in depth city, wh...Read more

adventure writing - Could Belief in Little Fears: Nightmare Edition cause the dark side of the moon to really be dark? - Rol

I'm writing an episode which involves a plot by the monster Vanish involving possessing the dark side of the moon (if you don't know, his power is to possess shadows). I was going with the fact that the term "the dark side of the moon" would cause enough children to believe that it really was dark for Belief to make it so, but I'm not entirely sure that Belief works that way. Does it?...Read more

adventure writing - How do I balance ASoIaF's theme and tone with fun for my April Fools'-themed session? - Rol

I am currently the GM of an A Song Of Ice And Fire RPG game for a small group of old classmates. As we do neither have a set schedule nor meet very often, (once every couple of months or so) I spend a fair amount of hours in between sessions attempting to create the most entertaining experience for all my players, and preparing what I can in advance (character creation with each player over skype, etc) to save time during the actual session. The date for our next session is April 1st. I queried my players for their opinions on having an April F...Read more

adventure writing - Where can I post quests I've written online for others to use and benefit from? - Rol

I've written a few quests now and documented them fairly thoroughly. Are there any places online where I can share them so that others would be able to review and use them if they needed to? It would be great if there was a place where people could share their quests so they could grab one quickly if they needed to and allow others to do the same with those they've written. Do any sites like this exist for sharing of quests?...Read more

Writing a character-oriented adventure for characters you don't know - Rol

I recently finished a campaign that worked out pretty well, and was considering writing it down in order to share it.However, I realized that a lot of the plot points and twists are extremely relevant to my players' characters (their backgrounds, traits, personalities, relationships), and wouldn't mean much for other characters.For example, let's say it is revealed at some point that "the mysterious shadow aliens" are made of the same energy that what the "shadow energy user" character is using. It is kind of moot if there is no "shadow energy ...Read more

Can having the ultimate outcome of a one-shot adventure rest on a final roll work? - Rol

I'm new to RPGs and I'm part of a group with more experienced players.My challenge right now is to create a short adventure as a one-shot (and that's why I'm asking here and not them).We use AD&D2, but I'm interested in testing GURPS on this story.My question is about endings. The players will try to achieve a goal, or refuse to do it. If they try to achieve the goal, completing all steps and pushing the final button, I'm planning to make an open final roll to determine the ultimate success or failure of the mission, with the odds of succe...Read more

adventure writing - Convincing characters to take up epic quests in a (mostly) realistic world - Rol

BackgroundI'm the DM of a role playing group. Improvised rule set.I've created a world for my players where I have tried to be as close to 16th century reality as possible, with the additions of magic and phantasmal beasts being extremely rare and stigmatized to even talk about among commoners.The charactersTwo characters are present, a third was playing but had to pause due to becoming a daddy.Here is a good place to mention that I encouraged my players to write a public story and a private story. There is one part of their background that no ...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - How can I design adventures or a campaign in the genre of superheroes to encourage active players? - Rol

This is related to a previous question I had, albeit more related directly to design rather than looking for a proof of concept. I've been writing some adventures with a house-ruled version of Mutants and Masterminds 3E with the assumption that the players are playing relatively heroic supers in a four color style universe. The problem with this is that it's encouraged a reactive playstyle (supervillain acts, heroes react); the players do get to choose how to deal with the problem of the week, but, because they're "heroic", they don't get to ...Read more

publishing - What are the legal/ethical considerations of republishing old adventures for new editions? - Rol

I am a lazy GM and I rely a lot on published adventures. Particularly shorter ones: I get a lot of pleasure from tweaking and arranging them into a coherent narrative frame for a campaign.I've been playing a long time and have a lot of material from old magazines that are no longer published (or no longer feature RPG content) such as White Dwarf, Imagine and Dungeon, mostly from the early 90's.I have started to take some of my favourites and convert them to 5e. However, it seems a shame (as well as a demotivation factor) to do this just for me....Read more

dungeon design - How can I make this adventure more exciting? - Rol

I'm trying to make an adventure to advance a central plot and relate to a pc's history. It's set in a settlement with a civil werewolf population. Every full moon, they seclude themselves to protect the townsfolk. One night they are let loose. I'm trying to present a mystery of who did it and why people disappeared during that event. The culprit is found to be experimenting on victims freshly cursed with lycanthropy. I don't feel very satisfied or engaged while working on this, even though I think it's a good idea. How can I make it more exciti...Read more

adventure writing - Suggestions for how to simulate the players performing a robbery? - Rol

For our next session I'm considering making robbing an artifact from a noble the central event of the quest. However, I'm not quite sure how to go about this as I've never actually played or seen a question that focused on a heist. Here's some of the problems I plan to throw at them:How to remain undetected. Disguise, invisibility potion, magical deception, etc.Finding and taking the item in question.Dealing with guards and traps as swiftly and silently as possible.Making their escape should there be some sort of alarm that blows their cover.My...Read more