adobe after effects - Cloudy stormy trailer text background in AFX

I am sure you can imagine what I have in mind (if you can't, few links are at the bottom of the post)Trailers usually have some sort of message at the end (release date, name of the game/movie, etc). Some have this running stormy clouds, very dark and subtle, sometimes with occasional flash.I am wondering how to simulate this in After Effects. I have not yet tried this since I really can't figure out where to begin, I am thinking maybe use some Photoshop generated clouds, layer stuff and sprinkle it with dash of AFX magic, but I don't really th...Read more

adobe after effects - When making a Gradient Ramp can the Start/Stop be relative to the object?

When making a Gradient Ramp in After Effects is there a convenient way for it to be tied to the object its applied to. I'm sure with Expressions I could somehow Pickwhip it together and adjust the code, but is there any check box or something more efficient?It's a bit tedious when I make a Gradient Ramp and then have to move the object the Gradient Ramp gets left behind. Thinking there must be a better way.Here's a screencap to try and illustrate. I decided to switch the order so it will be Blue on top then Red. I changed the position of the bo...Read more

adobe after effects - Need help in rendering 20 second's motion graphic to 10 second

This is my first day practicing with Adobe After Effects. I got tutorial from youtube and was working on it. I successfully did what was in tutorial and one thing neither I noticed nor mentioned in video.I have done a simple motion graphic video in Adobe After Effects and it completes in 20 seconds. The problem is that the result in video of animation is very slow.I want it to be faster with same "30 frame per second" and complete in 10 second or below.When I try to rescale from the time line, it removes some of the animation of object. How do ...Read more

adobe after effects - Placing a pre-comp inside another pre-comp in AfterEffects

When creating complex animations I often use pre-composition to stack them and further animate them separately.I am now facing two fully animated pre-comps and I need to place pre-comp_1 inside pre-comp_2. Why? Cause pre-comp_2 is a phone that also has environment reflections on it and pre-comp_1 is the content that is shown on the screen, therefore I need to rearrange the layer order so the reflections are on top of pre-comp_1.Is there a good way of doing this? Other than removing the reflections and stacking it on top of both pre-compositions...Read more

What's the difference between the Add and Linear Dodge blend modes in After Effects?

What's the difference between the Add and Linear Dodge blend modes in After Effects? Aren't they the same thing? The user guide page isn't of much help because it doesn't specify the differences in the math used for these two modes, but from what I understand, Linear Dodge is Add in Photoshop for example (hence the label "Linear Dodge (Add)"), and from what I see they behave exactly alike in After Effects....Read more

plugin - issues creating a glint or shine on a logo in after effects that is exportable to html

I am trying to replicate a moving logo with a glint that is exportable to html, I followed this video which uses light sweep, the animation is working but no light effects came through, I read that bodymovin does not support effects, so I used alpha matte instead to achieve the same effect as per this video but its still having problems. The light is showing up but there is no matting, please see the image attached. In summary, I am trying to make a logo with a glint/lightsweep effect that can work with bodymovin. What am I doing wrong? Is ther...Read more