adobe - Move item up one layer in Illustrator programatically

I am working on a project where I need to move hundreds of objects up one layer in Illustrator. Like this: Select ObjectMove up one layer Select another objectMove up one layer etc.I want a keyboard shortcut for "move up one layer." I found a potential solution using scripting here: it doesn't work - I think that the scripting specifications have changed since that thread was originally written. So the specific help I need it this: How do I update this older script to work with current extendScript in Il...Read more

osgi - Determine runmode in Adobe CQ

How do I programmatically know which run-mode the instance is running? I created a custom tag that provides the config depending on the instance run-mode, but I can not determine the current run-mode.I found a method that returns a list of run-mods instance:SlingSettings settings = ...get from BundleContext...Set<String> currentRunModes = settings.getRunModes();But I can not get the objects SlingSettings or BundleContext. How can I get these objects or perhaps there is another way to get the current run-mode?...Read more

Adobe AEM / CQ tutorials

I am really interested in learning "Adobe CQ" .My question is what are all the technologies that I need to learn to understand adobe cq.Any tutorials on Adobe CQ and related technologies are helpful.Thank you,Sri...Read more

adobe - AEM6 - How can I edit a component in place without a dialog?

I've been trying to edit a Table component in place (without needing to open the dialog), for i.e.: add new rows or columns. The component has its dialog properly configured, so you can select the number of columns and rows from there, although to improve the UX I've added a button next to the table that's only visible in edit mode to add a new row programatically from the clientlib.edit javascript. But don't know what's the way to actually persist the data (save changes).Any ideas that could take me on the right path will be massively appreci...Read more

adobe - OOB component Customization in AEM 6.2

We have a requirement to customize the OOB Assest share and assest editorcomponent in AEM 6.2.(available at /libs/dam/components/asseteditor &/libs/dam/components/assetshare path respectively) Few challenges I can see:1.The component dialog is available only in Classic UI but we want the same in touch UI mode.2.Can we get the Java code of these components so that we can customize the functionality?What is the best way to achieve this?...Read more

cq5 - How access nested child attributes from a list in Adobe AEM using sightly?

I am trying to access a list of items having 'title' and 'url' in them. I want to access the 'item' or 'url' but not sure how to. The child items are accessible but with:${child} // prints like this {"title":"Hello","url":""}but ${child.url} or ${child['url'} doesn't print anything.This is my html:<div data-sly-use.model=""> <h6>${properties.linksTitle @ context="html"}</h6> <ul data-sly-list.child="${properties.links}"> <li> ${child.url}</li&g...Read more

adobe - Overcoming the 1000+ node limit for cq:Page nodes in AEM 6.1

We are currently building a large site using AEM 6.1 and will be migrating hundreds of thousands of records from an old RDMS-based system to AEM's JCR. We understand that the 1000+ node limitation does not apply to nodes with type nt:unstructured, but we are hitting limitation when using cq:Page nodes.Our current site has a structure like this:/├── blog/│   ├── some-blog-post│   └── another-post└── articles/ └── some-article └── another-article └── ... └── ... └── ...We have over 6000 articles in the articles subtree, and we must...Read more

Adobe AEM - resource deny access per ip

i'm working with Adobe AEM 6 SP2 and i need to filter the access to some resources like /etc/importers/bulkeditor.html. I need allow to users into the VPN but i need deny to the rest of the users (internet access).I thought to use a http filter but it does not seem very efficient.Also i researched about the rules of the dispatcher but can not find how to do it.Somebody can help me? Thanks!...Read more

cq5 - Adobe CQ / AEM Informations

We are studying the possibility of changing our current website to the AEM platform and i have some general questions that i couldn't find on Google.1) We are a language school and we offer several courses, we have all the website data on SQL Server. I saw that i can create components on AEM to use on the visual editor, would i be able to, let's say create a component to display the HTML from my DB on a page or create a component to create the HTML i have on the DB ? Would i be able to create an component to show my last news automatically ? To...Read more

adobe - AEM 6.1 Add Tab to Touch UI Page Properties

I am trying to get adding new tabs and removing tabs/items in Page Properties working.So far I have read through this similar question: lead me to these Adobe links and the github example: more

adobe - AEM Workflow - set values in a custom dialog from with data gathered in previous process step

My overall goal is: launch a process step that runs a java class that gathers a list, then in the next workflow step this list needs to be displayed inside a custom dialog.This is what i have so far:Java Class that uses the metadata put and saves the list into the metadataThe custom dialog made that uses a textarea which is where this list needs to be displayedAnother Java class that retrieves gets the list from the metadata The issue i have now is: how can i get the list from the metadata to show in my custom dialog?I been searching for ages a...Read more

Adobe AEM | Component is not being created in content folder

I'm trying to add a logo component inside a new component that I've created. The project was created using the eclipse aem plugin.My component, that inherits from a native component.My content component<!DOCTYPE html><html><head> <sly data-sly-use.clientLib="/libs/granite/sightly/templates/clientlib.html" data-sly-call="${clientLib.css @ categories='paiva.all'}" data-sly-unwrap/> <sly data-sly-include="/libs/cq/cloudserviceconfigs/components/servicelibs/servicelibs.jsp" data-sly-unwrap/> <sly data-sly-i...Read more