adehabitathr - why different home range areas with kernel.area and getverticeshr?

I have used kernelUD from adehabitatHR to estimate kuds for several animals. I then used kernel.area(x,percent=c(50,95),unout="m2",standardize=F) to obtain the kud50 and kud95 areas for each animal. However, when I compare the given values with the values for kud95 obtained from getverticeshr(x, 95,unout="m2") there is a large difference in all animals.Why do I get different values?...Read more

adehabitathr - error in KernelUD "at least 5 relocations are required to fit a home range"

I have a dataset of bat movement data in the form of polygons. I have created one random point per polygon and looped this to run 100 times. This has created a data frame where each individual bat has 100 loopnos. I am trying to create a kernelUD for each loopno, stack them per individual and then average them using the following script. This works when I use the full dataset. However when I subsample it I get the error that "at least 5 relocations are required to fit a home range". Please could someone advise me the best way to check how many ...Read more

adehabitathr - Plot individuals home-range with Adehabitat

I am trying to put the name from the individuals of my research in a polygons home-range plot, but after many attempts I still can not achieve it.Here and example of my data: X and Y are coordinates and id are individualsX Y id 29 29 4 44 28 7 57 57 5 60 81 11 32 41 4 43 29 7 57 57 5 46 83 11 32 41 4 43 29 7 57 56 5 60 82 11 35 40 4 43 28 7 62 55 5 54 73 1...Read more