Adblock plus not working

I installed Adblock Plus on my Galaxy Tab 3 and it doesn't work. It keeps saying "Waiting for traffic on port 2020". I tried following these instructions and setting up the internet connection to use proxy local host and port 2020. My device is rooted. By the way, is there a simple website I can use to test to see if Adblock plus is working?...Read more

Configure custom AdBlock Plus filter lists subscriptions

Using a desktop PC version of AdBlock, I can subscribe to any combination of filter lists, and so I do subscribing to EasyList + Czech, Russian and German lists (I am a polyglot user using many languages actively) as well as EasyPrivacy, Fanboy's Annoyances lists, etc.But in the mobile AdBlock Plus, I could only find a set of exclusive (choose-one) EasyList + a national list couples, not even featuring a Czech list at all.Needless to say, I could neither find a way to set up custom filters of my own.Any ideas?...Read more