acumatica - Can I set my subreport to print ONLY on certain pages?

I created a Check Remittance and Form with 6 subreports. Subreports 1-3 print details for Checks 1-18, Subreports 4-6 print details for Checks 19-37. On the first page of my report I would like to have Subreports 1-3 printed and on the 2nd page I would like subreports 4-6 printed. I tried putting them in different GroupHeaders and set the visibilty expression to print just on page 1 and just on page 2 using the PrintIndex Globals but that didnt work. I wonder if I could put them all in the group header and set their visibility expressions using...Read more

filemaker - Get Contact(s) in Acumatica via RESTful API

@HB_ACUMATICA, et al,I've been working on integrating a client's FileMaker database with Acumatica for the past few months. I'm able to access (get/put) various tables (entities), such as PROJECT and CUSTOMER, but the CONTACT entity always produces an error. For example, [works fine] [always an error 500]**[EDIT: The above examples are, of course, incomplete, unless trying to find 'all' Contact records. In testing, I ...Read more

acumatica - Stop Billing Type/Terms being apended to Transaction Detail for Contract Invoices

We utilize Contract Billing to maintain yearly and monthly subscription services. When doing monthly billing, we bill for the month prior, so this is setup as Prepaid billing type.We have a process called Run Contract Billing. This process generates Invoices for the Contracts attached to Customer Locations. However, somewhere in that process, the Billing Type or the Terms Description is being prepended to the Transaction Description in the line item of the invoice.This is confusing to customers to receive on an invoice. If I received an invoice...Read more

acumatica - Running a long operation within an event handler

I need to run some address validation on Customer Location addresses using a 3rd party API to determine if the address is residential or commercial. This validation should run whenever an address field is changed. In other words, the validation should be run in the Address_RowUpdated event handler. Because the function is calling a 3rd party API, I believe that it should be done in a separate thread, using PXLongOperation so that it does not hold up address saving and fails gracefully if the API is unavailable or returns an error.However, I am ...Read more

I want to pull data from intranet ERP System what steps should i need to take using acumatica rest-api?

I am developing an application and I want to pull Acumatica ERP data by using acumatica rest API. I installed acumatica configuration wizard to my local machine and deployed an application named "MyStoreInstance" using acumatica configuration wizard and then I am able to pull data by using postman Url : http://localhost/MyStoreInstance/OData/Customer%20Contactssame thing I want to implement with clients ERP System. But Their ERP Systems are not available on the cloud so what process should I need to do with acumatica to pull data as I did loca...Read more

Acumatica API Endpoint for Quick Checks

I want to be able to put and get data from Quick Checks however from Version 17.200.001, there is no endpoint for it. How do I work around this issue in Acumatica?I tried using Bill and Check endpoint but from the forms UI, both doesn't have Quick Checks as a type....Read more

acumatica - How to activate the filtering action for a user field added to a grid

I have a customization to the Release Time Activities screen (EP507020) where I add a user field. This user field will contain the result of fetching the Appointment status from the Appointments screen (FS300200) based on the Appointment ID that I've also added to the Release Time Activities screen grid.This was done so that the process grid could be filtered for appointment status that were a certain value. The Appointment Status User field I've added contains the same attributes that the Status field contains on the Appointments screen, wit...Read more

acumatica - How can I get the appointment status on the Release Time Activities screen

I'm customizing the Release Time Activities screen (EP507020) in the following ways:First, I'm putting the Appointment Number in the grid via the 'Add Data Fields' option in the screen customization.Second, I want to tie back to the Appointments screen (FS300200) via the Appointment Nbr to get the status. Third, I want to add a user field to the Time Activities grid to hold this obtained status so that the grid can be filtered by the status.I've run into several problems, the largest of which is that even though I can add the Appointment Number...Read more

acumatica - Why is my Overriden Field is not taking in effect, on CRActivityMaint

I might seem lost, but I feel that my code is correct but it does not work. I implemented my own PXStringListAttribute, thus removing the base Attribute of existing PXStringListAttribute, but it seems not working.[PXRemoveBaseAttribute(typeof(ActivityStatusListAttribute))][CustomStatusApproval][PXUIField(DisplayName="test")]protected virtual void CRActivity_TimeActivity_ApprovalStatus_CacheAttached(PXCache cache){}...Read more

Acumatica REST API - StockItem - How to use UOMConversions from response

In Acumatica REST API - StockItem I am using the url$filter=InventoryID eq '12345' & $expand=UOMConversionsIn the response i am getting UOMConversions object as "UOMConversions": [ { "rowNumber": 1, "note": null, "ConversionFactor": { "value": 1 }, "FromUOM": { "value": "EACH" }, "MultiplyDivide": { ...Read more

acumatica - What is the difference between Save.Press() and Actions.PressSave()?

I created an action to "Complete" a record. The action executes:Actions.PressSave();foreach(MyDAC record in Records){ myRecord.Status = Statuses.Complete; this.MyView.Update(myRecord); Save.Press(); <--- }When I used Actions.PressSave(); at the bottom of the code sample (see the <---) it errors out. When I use Save.Press(); it works great.What is the difference between the two? (How would I decide the appropriate selection between the two?)...Read more

erp - How to store encrypted credentials for Acumatica Import Scenarios in Github

My team is in the process of migrating from another CRM system to Acumatica. We have several Microsoft SQL Server tables that we are trying to import into Acumatica using a number of Import Scenarios. Currently, we are reusing the same Data Provider for all of the Import Scenarios. I notice that the database credentials (username, password, etc.) are currently duplicated, in plain text, across each of the Import Scenario XML files in our customization project. We want to avoid committing these credentials to our repo on Github. One possibility ...Read more

erp - Create Button Under Actions To Redirect To Report In Acumatica CA304000

I am trying to add an option under Actions in Acumatica on the Transactions screen CA304000. See below what I am trying to achieve: using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using PX.Data; using PX.Objects.Common; using PX.Objects.AP; using PX.Objects.CM; using PX.Objects.CS; using PX.Objects.GL; using PX.Objects.IN; using PX.Objects.TX; using PX.Objects.EP; using PX.Objects.CR; using Avalara.AvaTax.Adapter; using Avalara.AvaTax.Adapter.TaxService;using AvaAddress = Avalara.AvaTax.Adapter.AddressService;using Ava...Read more