cluster computing - In ActiveMQ clustering, how to find the consumer who picked a particular message or set of messages?

We have set of queues and camel routes have been written to consume messages from the queue - queues live in an ActiveMQ server and camel routes in Apache Karaf. We have put up a cluster with multiple karaf nodes; problem is that these messages get read by camel routes in different nodes; is there a way to know the consumer who picked a particular message or set of messages? I googled around but did not get any head way so I am here asking your help....Read more

activemq - Error trying to build a executable spring boot jar

I'm just trying to build a executable jar using Spring Boot, based on Joel example, but I'm getting the following error:exception is java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.activemq.artemis.api.config.ActiveMQDefaultConfiguration.getDefaultRoutingType()Lorg/apache/activemq/artemis/api/core/RoutingType;at this line of code:CordaRPCClient(rpcAddress).start(username, password)Obs.: Invoking via JavaExec task it works perfectly....Read more

activemq - Does ActeiveMQ require zookeeper anymore?

I'm investigating the usage of some message broker that does not depend on any external services. I hit upon ActiveMQ which was using replicated LevelDB and that apparently required ZooKeeper services. With ActiveMQ now switching to KahaDB, is zookeeper still required for using ActiveMQ ?Any recommendations on what the best message broker would be, my deployment does not deal with high scale pub-sub. I'm looking for something very lightweight that can support reliable message delivery, persistent messages and HA....Read more

apache camel - ActiveMQ setup of tcp socket using mina

I am trying to setup a simple demo of activemq and mina. I edited the camelContext in the activemq.xml file to include two mina tcp sockets, two queues and routes as such: listenerA -> qA -> listenerBlistenerB -> qB -> listenerA The intent is to have two way pass through between two telnet sessions. Later, I will add more fancy features such as filtering, routing to a topic and my own codec on each listener. Here is my camelcontext: <!-- You can use a <package> element for each root package to search for Java routes --> ...Read more

activemq - Implementing "message grouping" in Solace?

Has any one setup a 'message grouping' (re ActiveMQ) scenario with Solace. E.g. consider a large number of messages (orders for example), each order has a unique order id. Amendments/changes to orders have the same order id. I want to use round-robin dispatching for different order ids, but need to ensure messages for the same order id are processed 'in order'.Message Groups specifically solve this problem, but I can't see how to implement the same in Solace.-- additional contextI'm looking at use a topic structure like: TOPIC/orders/ , which g...Read more

activemq - Camel - content enricher: enrich() vs pollEnrich()

1ST QUESTION:I'm not able to really understand the difference between enrich() and pollEnrich(). Maybe the terms Camel uses are not so great.I read here: Content enrichment using the enrich DSL element Camel comes with two flavors of content enricher in the DSL enrich pollEnrich enrich uses a Producer to obtain the additional data. It is usually used for Request Reply messaging, for instance to invoke an external web service. pollEnrich on the other hand uses a Polling Consumer to ...Read more

messaging - ActiveMQ loadbalancing in Mule

I have an issue with ActiveMQ loadbalancing with Mule. I am using Mule 3.2.0 and ActiveMQ 5.5.1I have a Mule FLow application which uses JMS inbound Endpoint to listen to queues in ActiveMQ.I have 2 instances of AMQ running each having a queue called "MyQueue". Lets name them AMQ1 and AMQ2.I also have 2 mule instances running - each having the same app. Let's name them Mule1 and Mule2.Now I want each mule instance to pick up messages from either of the AMQ queues. So say a Message Sender sends the message to the queue MyQueue in either AMQ1 or...Read more

maven 3 - How to start with ServiceMix and activeMQ

I wanted to start with apache ServiceMix and ActiveMQ a larger project that should grow step by step. I have experience with ActiveMQ, camel and tomcat.Also I have read a lot about ServiceMix, but I am failing by doing the first step that is simple (I think) but not really documented somewhere:I wanted to start my maven project so that maven will deploy my project into a standard ServiceMix installation where the first thing is only to add the following configuration the ActiveMQ of ServiceMix:<transportConnectors> <transportConnecto...Read more

How to start Camel routes on slave ActiveMQ only when slave becomes active in failover?

I have a durable consumer to a remote JMS queue in embedded Camel routing. Is it possible to have this kind of routing with master-slave configuration? Now it seems that the Camel routes are started and activated already when slave ActiveMQ is started and not when the actual failover happens.Now it causes the slave instance to receive the same messages that are also sent to master and this causes duplicate messages to arrive to the queue on failover.I'm using ActiveMQ 5.3 along with Apache Camel 2.1....Read more

jndi - Sending message to an activemq queue created using camel

I am new to activeMQ, I have issues pushing messages to a queue defined by activeMQ from a message producer residing on another server.I have a few queues in the application created on activeMQ using camel routes. I am trying to perform remote JNDI lookup on these queues from an application on another server. I have used the snippets from activemq documentation from page.I could get connected to the activeMQ, but I couldn't look up the queues defined using camel routes.The queue consumer is created t...Read more

cluster computing - Apache Camel with ActiveMQ clustering

I'm trying to determine my options for clustering my ServiceMix 3.3.1/Camel 2.1/AMQ 5.3 application. I'm performing high volume message processing and I need to cluster for high availability and horizontal scalability.Here is basically what my application does...HTTP->QUEUE->PROCESS->DATABASE->TOPICfrom("jetty:").to("activemq:inboundQueue");from("activemq:inboundQueue?maxConcurrentConsumers=50").process(decode()).process(transform()).process(validate()).process(saveToDatabase()).to("activemq:topic:ouboundTopic");So, I've ...Read more

How to properly to configure ActiveMQ with pooling?

We use following configuration for AMQ<bean id="jmsConnectionFactory" class="org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory"> <property name="brokerURL" value="${brokerURL1}"/></bean><bean id="pooledConnectionFactory" class="org.apache.activemq.pool.PooledConnectionFactory"> <property name="maxConnections" value="10"/> <property name="maximumActive" value="100"/> <property name="connectionFactory" ref="jmsConnectionFactory"/></bean><bean id="jmsConfig" class="org.apache.camel.compone...Read more

Processing non-strings in Velocity email template with Apache Camel/ActiveMQ

I've inherited an application which sends emails using Apache Camel and ActiveMQ, integrated with Velocity email templates. The ProducerTemplate.sendBodyAndHeaders() method is called to send a message body and headers to a Queue endpoint. The Camel context XML file defines a route that first sends the message to a Velocity template file, then sends the result thereof to a previously-defined mail server and off goes the email.As I acquaint myself with the application, it seems that things are set up not very differently from these examples:htt...Read more

activemq - Camel route "to" specific websocket endpoint

I have some camel routes with mina sockets and jetty websockets. I am able to broadcast a message to all the clients connected to the websocket but how do i send a message to a specific endpoint. How do i maintain a list of all connected clients with a client id as reference so i can route to a specific client. Is that possible? Will i be able to mention a dynamic client in the to URI?Or maybe i am thinking about this wrong and i need to create topics on active mq and have the clients subscribe to it. That would mean that i create a topic for e...Read more