How can I make my old acrylic paints dissolve and flow freely again?

I have El Greco acrylic paints, purchased and opened some 1.5 years ago, of course, I open them only when I use them. But now I observe that water is not an efficient solvent for them any more. I don't manage to arrive at delicate, soft, liquid, flowing paint easily. Should I use some additives or some other solvent for my acrylics?Of course, at the end I managed to liven up my paints but the flow is still not so smooth and liquid as expected....Read more

color - how to make/get a punchy acrylic paint

I am diving in abstract painting but my acrylic colors are not alive.My reds are sleeping, my blue and green vivacity are even worse. The only one that do it are my black and white. Mmm.I know I should learn to make my own colors and master their punchiness but I would rather prefer to have a consistent technique/material I could add, or better, a brand that creates live/punchy colors.No matter what I do, my mixes are tern and really not interesting (just talking about colors themselves here, not the composition, which is another subject).How c...Read more

miniatures - Mixing Acrylic Paint With Water ( And Storing It )

A few weeks ago I asked a question about Alternatives to Citadel / Games Workshop Paints, and the feedback suggested that I could simple use tubes of Acrylic paints from local hobby type shops as an alternative for painting miniatures/figures.Some suggestions were to use a flow/pouring medium to thin it down a little, but I've seen that simply using water ( up to 50/50 mix ) is a very common practice when using acrylic paints.So my question - Is water really a recomended element to thin down your paints? And if so, how would you store your mix ...Read more