acquaintances - How can I encourage a handicapped person to be as independent as possible?

This is a follow-up to How to approach the owner's handicapped son about him distracting our work?After a couple more weeks with him around, we agreed that he is likely being too protected by his parents (my opinion: most likely his mother, because his father is pretty strict), thus making him too reliant on others.For example: He is trying to make a phone call. Even when the phone is well within his reach (conveniently placed by us), he still asked for someone to make a call for him. He knows how to make a call, he did it a few times befo...Read more

How to follow up on a party invitation from an acquaintance given weeks ago?

I work at a small company where most people are friends with each other. I get along with a few of my co-workers in the office and at work organized parties, but wouldn't call any of them friends.I had been invited to a couple of parties organized outside of the office when I was a new starter, approximately 3 years ago, but my health declined soon after and so I did not spend very much time socializing with them over the years. My health issues also negatively impacted my social skills so I kept to myself during the bad times, often sitting in...Read more

netherlands - How can I stop acquaintances from reposting my photos on social media without credit to me?

BackgroundI'm a amateur photographer, often volunteering at events. I befriend other volunteers and visitors to these events on Facebook. I would often take pictures of everyone, the volunteers, visitors and entertainers. Event rules and laws rule that I own full copyright to the photos I take and I'm allowed to share them on social media and I am not allowed to hide the photos behind a paywall. I am not allowed to sell the photos. I always fully comply with these rules. I will always be careful not to share potentially embarrassing shots. I wi...Read more

How do you deal with colleagues, acquaintances asking you for knowledge that you gained with months of effort?

I'm pretty sure that these are things that we all face. Let's say that you spent months researching about something (be it moving from full time job to being a freelancer, creating a website, starting a business etc). There are colleagues who don't speak to you, but want to learn how they can do what you did from you with no other interest in you.Let's take the case of starting a non-commercial website. I asked my friends, acquaintances and none of them could help me out with any info. Next I spent months in researching various ways I could bu...Read more

helping - How do you maintain relations after you've received help from an acquaintance?

I'm not talking about workplaces. I'm talking about friends outside the workplace. Maybe you have a friend and got introduced to his friend (X) sometime. Then after a couple of years you needed help from this X person and you call/message him, remind him of how you know him and request for whatever help/info that you're looking for.This friend answers your query and it's a pretty long answer. So it takes like 10-15 minutes and you get the info that you've been seeking for quite some time.This is where the awkward part comes up. Because I don't ...Read more