accompaniment - Disoriented when others join in

Every now and then when I play the piano, someone in the vicinity will recognize the tune and hum, whistle, or sing along. I don't mind that; I think it's nice that they like the song and want to join in.However, even if they're doing so in key and on beat, I suddenly find myself distracted and begin making mistakes. I guess I'm getting my main feedback from the piano's sound and the secondary input throws me off. I think it has to do with where the melody in particular is coming from — I also find it hard to play accompaniment to my own singin...Read more

accompaniment - Are accompanying instruments typically playing notes from the current "main chord"?

Forgive me if I'm using incorrect terminology. I'm currently learning some music theory from They're talking about how songs can typically be broken down into a melody as well as a series of accompanying chords. (I'm aware that this isn't a hard-and-fast rule, but their examples from pop music makes this seem very common.)When I'm hearing a bunch of instruments in a song that are NOT playing the melody (e.g. a guitar, a synth, and a bassline), are all of these instruments typically simply playing selected notes from the curr...Read more

accompaniment - If a piano song contains a melody line, should this be removed if we add the singer?

A piano player and a singer would like to perform a song together. A piano player knows the song they like ("Memory" from "Cats - the Musical", to be precise). However it is a complete piano piece intended to sound alone, not just accompaniment part. There is a right hand part and the left hand part, both have multiple notes sounding together at times.If we then add a singer to this performance, is it necessary to modify the song trying to remove existing melody line, or it is ok to sing the sounding piano notes at the same time?...Read more