7th sea - How should a "scoundrel's" reputation be handled in 7th Sea? - Rol

I may be running a game of 7th Sea in the near future, and one of my players is looking to create a self-styled "king of the vagabonds." He found the Scoundrel advantage, and feels that his character should be looking to collect negative reputation to represent the character's underworld reputation.I'm fine with the idea of a well-known thief as a player character but I'm confused as to how best to handle the reputation... Whether to give him positive reputation with a "criminal" roleplaying slant, or to give him negative rep.The books seem a l...Read more

7th sea - In 7th Sea, how does initiative work during an ambush? - Rol

A continuation of How does surprise actually work in 7th Sea?. I edited in some additional clarification after I'd received answers, and it ended up getting lost...The rules have this to say about surprise and ambush: [make Wits + Ambush rolls] If you win, your target is surprised for one Phase. You are allowed to Hold any Actions you would have normally received until you are no longer surprised. Example: [...] the guard is surprised for 1 Phase. If Rodriguez saved an Action to take advantage of his surprise, the guard will most likely ...Read more

7th sea - How can I make a villain's arcana more interactive? - Rol

I've been having some difficulty making the Arcana of my villains stand out in my 7th Sea campaigns.Specifically, how can I better communicate which arcana the villain has, and encourage the players to interact with it (via drama dice and role playing)?Do I just tell the players what the villain's arcana is? This seems to run into problems with Fate Witches (who have a power to view arcana), villains disguised as heroes (it sort of ruins it), and villains with the deceitful arcana (which overlaps with villains disguised as heroes).If I don't fl...Read more

7th sea - How would two brute squads fight? - Rol

In 7th Sea, brutes deal damage to the more high profile characters based on their margin of success. The reason I ask is because Henchmen/Villains/Heroes make raises for damage, and I see raising to hit another brute as essentially the same thing as a raise for damage against the brute health track. Brutes obviously don't raise for damage (or that's an entirely new question) although on other rolls they can make raises as normal.What happens if one brute squad attacks another? Can they only knock one brute out from the target squad at a time...Read more

7th sea - Is there a good way to find out if a Grandmaster exists for a skill? - Rol

Knights of the Rose and Cross introduced the concept of Grandmasters -- NPCs who could be convinced to train a character up to a sixth dot in a skill.That book included the following NPCs:Sprague (Attack (Fencing))Rachel Milligan (Leaping)Marcos San Felipe (Surgery)Each book since Knights of the Rose and Cross has introduced a few new Grandmasters.My players are starting to reach the ends of advancement, and are looking for ways to quest for final improvements. Some of the players have asked about Grandmasters, specifically in Attack (Heavy Wea...Read more

7th sea - Benefits of using an off-hand parrying object in 7th Sea - Rol

To put it simple: Why would you (besides a matter of fighting style) choose to parry using your off-hand (either with buckler, main gauche, cloak, etc.) instead of your weapon?As far as I understand, you get a -1 unkept die penalty for using the off-hand AND you must buy another skill for using the parrying object, instead of simply buying the parry knack under your weapon skill. I feel there must be something I'm missing......Read more

7th sea - Can a Pyeryem Mage Talk to a Black/Porte Wolf? - Rol

I am aware by reading the description that the black wolves/porte wolves in the Montaigne book says that they were once normal wolves now driven insane by being brought through a porte walk. However, I have a character at my table that's a full blooded Pyeryem, and she can turn into a wolf to boot. The player's first reaction to animal related troubles (especially as Pyeryem) is to talk to them and try to reason with them.So my core question is can a Pyeryem use their Speak knack to talk to a Porte Wolf? Just how far gone are they? Because ...Read more

7th sea - Is there a more streamlined version of the naval combat rules? - Rol

The players in my 7th Sea campaign finally invested in a ship, late in their careers, which means we've finally broken out the naval combat rules. The rules seem like a bit of an afterthought, with a lot of confusing and strange quirks to them... But that's fodder for other questions.The important thing is, the rules as written seem to have a lot of book keeping involved. A given ship can take quite a few hits before sinking, each one of which requires the selection of a stat to penalize. When the NPCs have more than one ship, this makes it dif...Read more

7th sea - How should I read attacks in 7th Sea stat-blocks? - Rol

I've been running a few more monsters and animals in my 7th Sea campaign lately, and find myself a little confused by the notation used in the Game Master's Guide.For example: Bear [...] Attack Roll: Claw 4k2, Bite 4k2 Damage: Claw 5k3, Bite 4k2How should the attack roll line be interpreted? Does it have a claw that it can attack with, and if that is disabled in some way, it can fall back on a (strictly worse) bite? Or does it have D&D-style multiple attacks (each action taken resulting in both a claw attack and a bite attack)?The Zombi...Read more

7th sea - Do heroes need to spend hero points on advantages and backgrounds gained when using the Destiny Spread? - Rol

The 7th Sea nation books introduced the "Destiny Spread"... A way of generating a set of random advantages, backgrounds, and arcana to build a character around.The rules have this to say, regarding cost: If you choose your Strength, your Hero gains the Virtue corresponding to that card, and you pay 10 HP for performing the Destiny Spread. If you choose your Weakness, your Hero gains the Hubris corresponding to that card, and you gain 10 extra HP to build your Hero with. Finally, consult the Past, Present, and Future charts to see what your Her...Read more

7th sea - Can a player use their passive defense while a zweihander is waiting to be reset? - Rol

The Zweihander is found on page 100 of the Eisen source book, and has the following rules text: However, after every attack made with a zweihander, the Hero must either spend one Action to reset it before it can be used to attack or parry with again, or else drop the zweihander and switch to another weapon. [...] [the example character uses his zweihander to attack]. Now he can neither attack with the zweihander nor use his Parry (Heavy Weapon) Knack until he spends one Action to reset the zweihander.What forms of passive defense, if an...Read more

7th sea - Are there rules for knocking a character unconscious without inflicting dramatic wounds? - Rol

My players recently wanted to render an NPC unconscious to make transporting him a little easier. We ended up using the standard damage rules (which state that a character, in this case a henchman, falls unconscious after receiving dramatic wounds equal to their Resolve).The problem with this tactic is that dramatic wounds are a pretty big deal. They don't go away on their own until the end of the story, and you need surgery to make them go away sooner.Is there a rule somewhere I'm missing to account for this sort of thing?...Read more

7th sea - How does surprise actually work in 7th Sea? Does it? - Rol

I'm finding myself confused by the surprise rules on page 196 of the Players' Guide. [make rolls] If you win, your target is surprised for one Phase.Which phase? The first phase of combat? Or is there some way to determine when an ambush takes place within a round of combat? Example: [...] the guard is surprised for 1 Phase. If Rodriguez saved an Action to take advantage of his surprise, the guard will most likely die a quick death.Saved an action from when? Held actions disappear after each round of combat, so if it's the first phase of comb...Read more