5V to 3.3V for bluetooth module - Is a voltage divider ok?

So I purchased the JDY-10 BLE 4.0 module and a very small MCU which only is capable of feeding 5v. Since I'm not an electrical engineer, I've been reading a bit on the internet, and so far, I understand that the Bluetooth module will be fried if I hook it up to a 5v power source. As far I can understand, a voltage divider is not usually the way to go, but would it be okay in this case? - I plan to put this on a PCB that I make on my own, therefore the solution should be fairly lightweight/simple. Furthermore, would the RX pin require a pulldown...Read more

I'd like to run a 5v fan on 2 3.7v batteries

I have zero experience so if this is a stupid question please at least be kind. It seems obvious that I couldn't run the fan on one 3.7v battery but then I'm not an electronics guy. So I was thinking I'd need to step down the voltage from 2 batteries? Would the fan run in 6v without burning it up? Is there such a thing as a 5v battery? Is need as long a run time as possible. I'd also need a switch for it but I think I can figure that out....Read more

ATX Power supply 5V rail Peak Current

We have setup, where 16-24, 2.5" Drives will be arranged in mobile racks of( 8 or 12 each).We are selecting ATX SMPS to satisfy these needs.We need to power these drives with a ATX Power Supply.As these drives only takes current from 5V rail only. 12V and other rails were just not much required (12V required upto 100W).I have seen specifications suggest maximum current from 5V rail close to 20A for 500W/600W ATX SMPS, and mainly(largely) power is mentioned on 12V rails.If we are using only 5V on ATX SMPS of 500W, whether complete 500W or maximu...Read more