3d reconstruction - stereo vision 3d point calculation with known intrinsic and extrinsic matrix

I have successfully calculated Rotation, Translation with the intrinsic camera matrix of two cameras.I also got rectified images from the left and right cameras. Now, I wonder how I calculate the 3D coordinate of a point, just one point in an image. Here, please see the green points. I have a look at the equation, but it requires baseline which I don't know how to calculate. Could you show me the process of calculating the 3d coordinate of the green point with the given information (R, T, and intrinsic matrix)? FYI1. I also have a Fundamental m...Read more

3d reconstruction - Project Tango strange rotation visualisation

I am working on 3D reconstruction with tango. Our system is quite similar to KinectFusion, which uses voxel representation, but use Tango as tracker. Left image (in video linked below) is rendered by Raycast at current pose (given by tango) in real time. Raw pose converted by GetOC2OWMat() as in code examples, in addition sign of tx and rx are flipped to cope with our system. Everything works fine except ration in Z axis, which changes angle in rendered image. I guess coordinate system conversion is not done properly, but depth integration is w...Read more