Workflow is not working for library on SharePoint 2013

I am using SharePoint 2013, I published my InfoPath form on SharePoint library. And created the workflow. I published the workflow many times to get the form results after form submissions. But the workflow is not showing for that particular library. I am not able see whether the workflow is running:From the library setting, I am able to see the workflow's name which I have created on SharePoint designer but not showing by click Add a workflow under the List. What issues can be there?...Read more

2013 - Document Library - Document ID as the URL for the document

In the document library I have document ID's set up for documents, when I browse a document the URL of the document has the documents name in it.I want the document ID to be projected in the URL instead of the document name.Is this possible?Eg:- http://sharepointpocdev.server.region/documentcenter/ABC/Documents/TestDocument3.txtthe last part is the document name, i want the document ID to be projected there instead of the name.Any help would be appreciated...Read more

development - How to get List by Url using SharePoint 2013 CSOM

SharePoint 2013 CSOM API contains the following methods for accessing List object:ListCollection.GetById method - returns the list with thespecified list identifierListCollection.GetByTitle method - returns the list with thespecified title from the collectionFor example:var listTitle = "Tasks";using(var ctx = new ClientContext(webUrl)){ var list = ctx.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(listTitle); ctx.Load(list); ctx.ExecuteQuery();}From another hand, SSOM API contains SPWeb.GetList method to gets the list that is associated with the specified se...Read more

2013 - Create a document library or retrieve documents using JavaScript from static site

I'm confused by all integration options SharePoint offers. My business case is the following:I have a static HTML/CSS/JavaScript site hosted outside of SharePoint (so cross domains is an issue here too). My JavaScript code knows the URL of my customers SharePoint site. From my JavaScript code I, for example, want to create a Document Library or retrieve documents from existing document libraries.Which options do I have to get this working?...Read more

2013 - Allow all SharePoint users to access to site

I created SharePoint site for all employees in my company (a few thousands people). For now every user, who is not added manually to site group cannot get access to site. He can of course send request to me but this is annoying.My goal is to allow every SharePoint user from my company to get access to whole my site by default, without sending request and adding singular user to certain group. I am looking for someting like a group for 'Other Users', a container for every SharePoint user, who is not a member of any other group. I need also to gi...Read more

2013 - How can I disable the Document Library drag and drop function?

Before I start - I'm new to this SharePoint development lark and am slowly familiarising myself with it.We're using SharePoint online and I have amended the SharePoint out-of-the-box document library to include some extra fields that are required when the user adds a new document.If the user creates or uploads a new document then they are prompted to enter the required information. However if they use the drag and drop functionality the entry of the necessary fields is bypassed.During my search I came across this post which asks how to enforce ...Read more

2013 - SP2013 Delimited values to other columns

Here's an interesting one: I have a list where one text column accepts multiple delimited values. (By that, I mean multiple values separated by delimiters.) Is there a calculated feature where I can take each value and put it in its own column? For example, if I had the values " a,b,c,d,e," in the text column, and five other columns that could accept the values separately - Is this a possibility?...Read more

2013 - SP13: Custom Advanced Searching Web Part Options

using SharePoint 2013 and editing advanced searching web partScenario: I know you can disable some of the things that appear as advanced searching options in the properties window but I want to add other options that are specific to my needs. Example if I want to remove the language section and put there team member names then as the checkboxes would be the names. Is this possible?I have tried to modify the xmlns file but not sure if I'm headed in the right direction. Can someone help me?...Read more

2013 - Filter by URL in Search Results Webpart

I've got a search results web part which searches for pages in a sharepoint library. I'd like to add a query text that limits the search to only certain URLs, such as ''But I just can't figure out what the field containing the URL is supposed to be.I've checked the 'Property filter' dropdown and there is no field named 'URL'. Tried using properties with like 'Location' , 'Site' and 'urls' filtering for results that contain 'somepagename' without any success.How do I filter by URL?EDIT: Sorry for confusing you guys, ...Read more

Cannot find "Site Collection Storage Management" in SharePoint Online 2013

Our Microsoft TAM has told us of a recently deployed feature in SPO that allows all sites to shared a single pool of automatically managed storage. However the section of the admin panel he is telling me to use (named above) does not appear for me at all. This MS blog post also explains how to turn this feature on. The section highlighted simply is not there in my admin panel. I asked him for more information and here is his response (exact quote, except for the delinkifying the urls): Enable self service http: and htt...Read more

2013 - How to Hide Site Contents Link?

in a host named site collection using the team template, I would like to hide the Site Contents link, but cannot find any way to do it. does anyone know how?deleting it from quick launch editor does not work. any solution relying on _layouts/15/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx does not work - the page does not exist or is not reachable. being able to edit site master page settings would be very useful as I could then add alternate css.removing the link entirely is an acceptable option, although a better one would be to hide it only for non-admin users...Read more

sharepoint server - Export Additional Columns in Version History Export SP 2013

I found this solution on this forum and was able to pull some information but with the workflow we have on the list, we need more information. We have an "Approval Status" column that we can see when it's updated when I look at the individual item's version history. Is there a way to modify this script to include it in the report? I tried adding it "Approval Status" to both places where I see the column names below but that did not work. TIA! # ******* Variables Section ******************#Define these variables$WebURL="http://sharepoint.cres...Read more