14.04 - dpkg: error processing archive with texmaker

I am trying to install the latest version of texmaker, by following this answer. It failed and I tried some solutions posted on the internet like this, but with no luck!Check my output:gsamaras@gsamaras:~$ sudo dpkg -i Downloads/texmaker_ubuntu_14.04_4.4.1_i386.deb (Reading database ... 380253 files and directories currently installed.)Preparing to unpack .../texmaker_ubuntu_14.04_4.4.1_i386.deb ...Unpacking texmaker (4.4.1) ...dpkg: error processing archive Downloads/texmaker_ubuntu_14.04_4.4.1_i386.deb (--install): trying to overwrite '/usr/s...Read more

14.04 - UFW blocks traffic in NAT

I've created a VM guest with libvirt with the default NAT Bridge. (Host and Guest Ubuntu 14.04 Server) After creating allow rules for SSH and enabling ufw - on the guest - i can't connect to the guest anymore.From syslog (of the guest):Oct 6 17:36:51 ubuntu kernel: [ 5969.693057] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT=MAC=52:54:00:ea:b5:2e:fe:54:00:ea:b5:2e:08:00 SRC= LEN=60 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=5379 DF PROTO=TCPSPT=34376 DPT=22 WINDOW=29200 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0Status of ufw(on the guest):root@ubuntu:~# ufw status ver...Read more

14.04 - node syslog outputs "Error processing log message"

In syslog-ng.conf I have the following:source s_imp { tcp(ip("localhost") port(514)); };filter f_imp {program("imp");};destination d_imp {file("/home/rpr/syslog.log");};log {source(s_imp); filter(f_imp); destination(d_imp);};I'm using the syslog package to log from a node server. This is the code that I have:var impLogger = syslog.createClient(514, 'localhost', {name: 'imp'});impLogger.crit('hello');The output that I get in syslog.log is:Apr 6 16:35:17 syslog-ng[18571]: Error processing log message: <NaN>2016-04-06T11:05:17.037...Read more

14.04 - How to log only the message in syslog-ng?

In syslog-ng.conf I have the following:source s_imp { tcp(ip("localhost") port(514)); };filter f_imp {program("imp");};destination d_imp {file("/home/rpr/syslog.log");};log {source(s_imp); filter(f_imp); destination(d_imp);};The output that I get in syslog.log is:Apr 8 05:11:20 imp[4463]: messageI'd like to log only the message and not the time stamp, IP address etc. Is there a way to do this?...Read more

14.04 - Unable to run ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0

Joining our Ubuntu farm to a windows domain and after adding the DC's IP to /etc/network/interfaces, I try to bounce the interface as I've done on other Ubuntu servers and it errors out.ifdown: interface eth0 not configuredRTNETLINK answers: File existsFailed to bring up eth0/etc/network# cat run/ifstate shows:lo=loeth2=eth2eth1=eth1I looked at /run/network/ifstate and added eth0=eth0 to the end of the file. Still cannot run the command ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0Due to the nature of this server, I need to keep reboots to a minimum. Does...Read more

14.04 - UFW BLOCK syslog - tcp/ip is blocked and this is allowed in UFW - GPS TRACKING/TCP/UDP report server

Well I'm new in this things, I have been searching a solution for my problem, reset, and do it again, specify port and protocol, port in and out with a protocol, but i can't.Informationproblem: Firewall block some, not all, but some ips that are incoming in port that I config to allow incoming tcp and udp, i saw errors in syslog with tag [UFW BLOCK] SPT=45000 DPT=1563...What I want: only open ports ssh,http and range from 1500 to 1600 tcp and udp...How I configured itMy commands to config firewall to allow incoming and outgoing connectionsufw ...Read more

14.04 - strange behavior with sed and text files on Ubuntu

Ok first of all, i'm working in a VPS with Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTSI'm trying to manipulate several text files with sed and my results aren't what it was suppose to be and i can't find a reason for that..Even simple operations that worked to other users aren't working for me.Example: I have a file with a couple of thousand lines and with command-line i issue this sed command:sed -n '/ID=stnr/,+1 p;/ID=stnr/,+1 p' /tmp/bigfile.txt >/tmp/filterfile.txtthis create a filterfile.txt with a few hundred lines.then i need to insert a 3rd file in the begin...Read more

14.04 - unexpected EOF on the last and next to last line while creating alias

I am creating alias in .bash_aliases file in Ubuntu 14.04 with reference of this articleI write these alias agi='sudo apt-get install'alias upd8='sudo apt-get update'alias perms='stat -c '%a - %n'alias dwld='cd ~/Downloads'alias ..='cd ..'alias la='ls -alh'alias hf='history | grep $1'alias pf='ps -e | grep $1'I close the terminal and file and start the terminal it always gives error. bash: /home/ice/.bash_aliases: line 8: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `'' bash: /home/ice/.bash_aliases: line 9: syntax error: unexpected end of fil...Read more

14.04 - java linux terminal -cp auto-complete

I'm working with a java library which needs two files 'library.jar' and 'library-extensions.jar'. Whenever I try to include both of them separated by a colon (e.g. -cp "library.jar:library-extensions.jar") and try to use auto-complete on the second jar file, it substitutes the first argument for the second one.i.e.I have something like this:java -cp "library.jar:lI press 'Tab' to auto-complete the second argument and it changes to:java -cp "lIs there anything I can do to enable proper auto-complete on additional arguments?I'm using terminal on ...Read more

14.04 - Virtual Host in XAMPP (help)

İ want to create the Virtual Host in XAMPP. Thus I googled for it. and I did the same changes in my config files like as Virtual Host in XAMPP. But when I went http://localhost2 it say's me: Access forbidden! You don't have permission to access the requested directory. There is either no index document or the directory is read-protected. If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster. Error 403 localhost2 Apache/2.4.9 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.1g PHP/5.5.11 mod_perl/2.0.8-dev Perl/v5.16.3I also googled for this pro...Read more

Ubuntu 14.04 w/ Unity - java application gui does not show

When I open certain java-powered applications, the primary GUI will not show up. However, the GUI windows for misc functions such as the "Tips and Tricks" type windows, project creation, save dialog boxes (shown when I use right click the program icon and close the application), etc will appear properly.I initially saw these symptoms whilst attempting to use the program "yEd" and dismissed it as an issue with yEd itself and Ubuntu compatibility. However, I attempted to install and run "projectlibre" using the .deb package from its sourceforge p...Read more

java - Launch error on Eclipse using Ubuntu 14.04

Hi could you help me to resolve this error? I'm currently new to ubuntu and I'm trying to run eclipse on my ubuntu.Failed to execute child process "/home/desktop/Documents/eclipse/eclipse" (Permission denied)I have created desktop on eclipse using this code [Desktop Entry] Name=Eclipse Type=Application Exec=my eclipse path- Terminal=false Icon= my eclipse icon path- Comment=Integrated Development Environment NoDisplay=false Categories=Development;IDE; Name[en]=eclipse.desktop...Read more

14.04 - GTA IV under Wine/PlayOnLinux

I have tried playing GTA IV on PoL and Wine without luck. It works with every other game I have tried, including World of Tanks, Portal, Portal 2, Half-Life, BioShock, World of Warcraft, Garry's mod and more. In my tests I installed the game and then applied the patch. Now I cannot get it to boot, always crashes with the only error message being the playonlinux one.I also tried with Wine, to no avail. Whole install works fine, then will not launch from the desktop shortcut or the /home/.wine/drive_c/program files(x86)/rockstar games/la...Read more

software installation - Ubuntu 14.04 install Java 8 not working

I'm using 14.04 on a VirtualBox 32 bit server. I am logged in as the sudo user. I am trying to install Java 8. I downloaded the file jre-8u101-linux-i582.rpm and used FTP to put it in the directory /jre. I try using the command rpm -ivh jre-8u101-linux-i582.rpm to extract and install it. When I do I get the error "failed dependencies" and then a long list of files that it apparently cannot find even though when I check in the specified directories the files are indeed there. When I researched the problem most people just said to use apt install...Read more