SGEN : error : Mixed mode assembly

Can anyone help me im getting this error when im publishing my project on release modeSGEN : error : Mixed mode assembly is built against version 'v2.0.50727' of the runtime and cannot be loaded in the 4.0 runtime without additional configuration information.Please help me im stuck on this issue....Read more

visual studio debugging - From where do I reference a missing assembly (System.Net.Http.Formatting)?

In my Visual Studio 2013 RC project, I'm getting this err msg: "The type 'System.Net.Http.Formatting.MediaTypeFormatter' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'System.Net.Http.Formatting, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35'"...on the "var response = " line of code in a Controller:public HttpResponseMessage PostDelivery(Delivery delivery){ delivery = repository.Add(delivery); var response = Request.CreateResponse<Delivery>(HttpStatusCode.Created, deli...Read more

.net assembly - My policy redirection on GAC is not working

I created a basic project in WinForms on which I have a .exe that loads a really simple library:The .exe: public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); int a; int b; a = 7; b = 3; MessageBox.Show(Sumar.SumResult(a, b)); }The library:public class Sumar{ public static string SumResult(int a, int b) { return (a + b).ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); }}Really simple. The assembly for the first version of the library:[assembly: AssemblyVersion("")][assembly: AssemblyFileVersio...Read more

Unable to load assembly in appDomain

Until recently I was loading my assembly by calling Assembly.LoadFrom and it was ok. But now I need to load it in a temporary appDomain but I keep having a FileLoadException when trying to load the assembly in the temp domain. I have tried to pass appDomainSetup parameters to the CreateDomain method but without success. Here is my code.var tempDomain = AppDomain.CreateDomain("TempDomain");Assembly sampleAssembly = tempDomain.Load(pathToDll);My assembly is in a sub directory of my application base directory...Read more

filepath - WinSCP .NET Assembly - Cannot Use Absolute File Path

I am trying to use the WinSCP .NET assembly (V5.1.7.0) for FTP protocol but I am having difficulty with file paths on the target server.The problem is any connection to the server (using either the WinSCP executable or the .NET assembly within my own software) seems to be routed instantly to the user's subdirectory (e.g. home/zild), but the files need to be uploaded to a different directory (e.g. home/test), for which the user has sufficient permissions (verified by performing the required operations manually through the WinSCP executable). If ...Read more

Could not load file or assembly '2017-12-31 19-00 Copy of AjaxControlToolkit' or one of its dependencies

I have some issued in my exchange mail server 2013. After i login it's showing as below description. Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks.Server Error in '/ecp' Application. Could not load file or assembly '2017-12-31 19-00 Copy of AjaxControlToolkit' or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040) Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more i...Read more

.net assembly - Why does .ctor call itself?

Why does ctor calls itself and shouldn't this make it loop? I can't quite understand what's going on.I have looked around online but still can't find an answer. .method family hidebysig specialname rtspecialname instance void .ctor() { .maxstack 8 ldarg.0 ldstr asc_203C // "" stfld string KGER.BaseConfiguration::_get ldarg.0 **call instance void [mscorlib]System.Object::.ctor()** nop ret }...Read more

.net assembly - Why is it loading both ldarg.0 and ldarg.1 when there are only 1 argument?

I am quite confused how this assembly code works. I have tried looking around for answers but couldn't find anything. I think ldarg.0 is loaded due to an instance void, but i'm not sure why it loads ldarg.1. Would really appreciate it if someone could explain what's going on..method public hidebysig specialname instance void set_phase(string value) { .maxstack 3 .locals init (bool V0)nopldarg.1ldarg.0ldfld string KGER.Generate::_phasecall bool [mscorlib]System.String::op_Inequality(string, string)ldc.i4.0ceqstloc.0ldloc.0brtrue.s ...Read more

portable class library - Get assembly version in PCL

I have the following line of code in .NET 4.5 that I am trying to build as Portable Class Library. It's purpose is to get assembly version:this.GetType().Assembly.GetName().Version.Major;The problem is that Assembly.GetName() is not available in PCL. Is there a way to get assembly version in PCL?I know it is possible to parse Assembly.FullName, but I want a better solution....Read more

.NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 assembly version conflict

My App.exe is compiled for .NET 4.5 and referencing SomeLib.dll which is a .NET 4.0 assembly which is referencing Reactive Extensions assembly (compiled for .NET 4.0).My App.exe is also directly referencing Reactive Extensions assembly (compiled for .NET 4.5).The Reactive Extensions assembly in the bin folder is .NET 4.5.When trying to run the program, I got exception: Could not load file or assembly "System.Reactive.PlatformServices, Version .... The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference".Is it ...Read more

.net assembly - How to use DNU WRAP for projects NOT in a solution with ASP.Net projects

After much searching and following bread crumbs, it appears that to add a NON ASP.NET assembly as a reference to a ASP.Net project (not in the same solution), one must use DNU WRAP.I attempted to do so by doing a CD to the solution directory and entering the following linednu -v wrap --configuration release -i code/access/access.csprojThe response tells me that I am missing NuGet packages and to 'enable NuGet Package Restore'. I had (and rechecked) already done so.Searching the internet for 'dnu wrap' returned 2 hits on GitHub with the more in...Read more

What is .NET assembly culture?

After searching on website I post this question. I am aware of the fact that by default assemblies are "culture neutral" and one can create satellite assemblies with only resources (and no code) with culture specific information and place them inside the same folder as the culture name (i.e. en-us). But the question is, what is culture? Some specific real-life examples would help....Read more