.net 3.5 - Missing Data.SqlClient namespace in SmartDevice project (Windows Mobile)

I start programing on Windows Mobile 6.5.I install VS2008, SDK 6.0 and DTK 6.5.3. Create project (WM 6.0, .NET 3.5) and the is no using System.Data.SqlClient. I System.Data only is Common, SqlTypes.References are included by creator. SqlCommand comm = new SqlCommand(sSQL, new SqlConnection(sConn)); Cannot resolve symbol 'SqlCommand'Did I miss something? How to connect Sql Server from device? Many examples on internet include this methods.I have also installed .NET 4.0, 4.5 and VS 2012....Read more

.net 3.5 - Windows service setup custom action Error 1001 System.BadImageFormatException

I had windows service and setup projects developed in VS 2008 .NET 3.5. Setup was converted to VS 2010 and windows service project replaced with new one created in VS 2010 .NET 4.0.There are custom actions in setup to install service in the system.The Error 1001 System.BadImageFormatException failed to load service exe due to incorrect format appears during setup execution.Without custom action the setup runs without problems. I can also manually install the service with installutil.exeAre there any settings in the setup project to run correct ...Read more

.net 3.5 - Using RDA on a Desktop Application?

I have a .NET 3.5 Compact Framework project that uses RDA for moving data between its mobile device's local SqlCe database and a remote MSSql-2008 server(it uses RDA Push and Pull).The server machine a virtual directory with sqlcesa35.dll (v3.5.5386.0) setup for RDA.We usually install these cabs on the mobile devices and the RDA process does not have any problems:sqlce.wce5.armv4i.cabsqlce.repl.wce5.armv4i.cabNow I am trying to run this application as a desktop application. RDA Pull (download) has been working well. But the RDA Push (upload) ...Read more

.net 3.5 - Uninstalling Windows Service

I have uninstalled a windows service (In Windows7) using installutil.exe . This states that the uninstallation of the service is successful, then I restarted the server (How to force uninstallation of windows service) but the service still runs properly without any problem. When I try to delete the service using sc delete, it states that the service does not exist as an installed service.I m using .NET framework 3.5.Is there any way of uninstalling a successfully???...Read more

.net 3.5 - Silverlight ignores WCF path from web.config file

I am writing a Silverlight app calling WCF service.Another solution contains following projects for Silverlight:- Web project for hosting silverlight app- Silverlight app project- Silverlight class library project with service reference to WCFWhen i run the Silverlight app on my locahost, the Silverlight invokes WCF using localhost and works fine.Then i published the service and web app and deployed it to another server. The web.config file was modified to point to the deployed endpoint address.Now , running the Silverlight app looks up the loc...Read more

.net 3.5 - Is it worth use ORM with Stored Procedures

My company's polices forces to use only stored procedures (SP) to talk with DB(no dynamic execution of SELECT, VIEWS on app side available)Business objects (BO) are fetched from DB.There is implemented simple BO-DB mapper using SQL Reader and this seems working well.Form DB side we have one parametrized SPs for each Business Object one SP for all CRUD operations, switched by @MODE parameter)So we don't have separate SP like SP_INSERT, SP_UPDATE, SP_SELECT etc ...I have read recently lot about linq2SQL, nHibernate, Subsonic etc and those look v...Read more

.net 3.5 - IIS7.0 to IIS6.0

So after months of work I load the project on the clients computers after months of them assuring me they run windows server 2008.It's not is 2003 and so IIS6.0.Does anyone have an easy way to downgrade my web.config to IIS6.0?currently I get Parser Error Message: Unrecognized attribute 'type'.sectionGroup name="system.web.extensions" type="System.Web.Configuration.SystemWebExtensionsSectionGroup, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture...Read more

.net 3.5 - Can Tests be written in 3.5 MsTest Unit Test assemblies?

Hi:I've enjoyed playing around with Pex and Moles...now it's time to use it in earnest to cover an legacy app as much as possible.We've started by converted to .NET 3.5 (the client can't yet host in .NET 4.0)We noticed that we are having trouble with getting Moles to work. Seems to work if the Test Project assembly is a .NET 4.0 -- but when converted the Unit Tests assembly framework back to .NET 3.5 (after installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1 to give that ability) it stops working.Keeps complaining with "you can only run tests using the default h...Read more

.net 3.5 - WCF Callback Channel gets disposed prematurely?

My application is using the net.tcp WCF service with a callback channel. For some reason I'm not able to send callbacks on event. Here's what I'm doing (all code server-side):On initialization:OperationContext Context { get; protected set; }...Context = OperationContext.Current;On event:var callback = Context.GetCallbackChannel<IServiceCallbackContract>();callback.SomeMethod();This fails on SomeMethod() with following exception: {"Cannot access a disposed object.\r\nObject name: 'System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel'."}Apparently, ...Read more

.net 3.5 - Windows Workflow Dynamic, User-Created Workflows

I have a client who's interested in utilizing Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) technology in a web-driven application. I'm a .NET developer, but I have no experience with either WF or SharePoint workflows. Most of what the client wants to do seems to be straight-forward except that they want the ability for end users to be able to create/edit their own custom workflows. In my brief research into WF, it doesn't seem like this is how things are done typically. Is it feasible to allow users to create workflows themselves, or should this really...Read more

visual sourcesafe - .Net Application Release Procedure and VSS

We have around 20 Application developers in our team. All the application code is in the VSS. Developers have their local copies and make changes and then check the files to VSS.Team leads will look into the code and run it from their machines and if everything looks good they will move the code to QA Server.QA after testing if approves all the files are checked and the release engineer will get latest version from VSS and compile and move the files to staging.UAT will be done on the staging and if approved, release engineer will copy all the f...Read more

type safety - Benefits of .Net's AppSettingsReader vs ConfigurationManager for reading application configuration settings

Is there a substantial difference between the AppSettingsReader class and the AppSettings member of the ConfigurationManager class in .Net 3.5?I'm building out some legacy code and a previous developer used AppSettingsReader.GetValue(), whereas I am more prone to use ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get().Looking at the internals, AppSettingReader seems to be more typesafe, but its usage seems slightly more verbose. If the app settings I'm retrieving are well-known and fairly static, is there any benefit to using AppSettingsReader?...Read more

.net 3.5 - RIA Services vs ADO.NET Data Services

I'm currently in the process of creating a Silverlight 3 data driven application. To access the database, 2 common approaches are used: RIA Services and ADO.NET Data Services. Does anyone have any guidance on when/why to choose each approach? Here is what I've gathered from my research / experience. Any thoughts?ADO.NET seems to be only useful for strictly database calls. If you need to expose the data services to other applications (ignoring Silverlight 3's domain restriction), this is a good approach. Also, if the URL/Query syntax can b...Read more

.net 3.5 - SSRS 2008 Reports not compatible with IE 11

We have SSRS Reports built in 2008 version. Till now our Client's Machine browser version was IE 9 so we didn't faced any Compatibility issue. But now all client machine's browsers are getting upgraded to IE 11 and upon testing the SSRS reports in IE 11, few reports are not compatible with IE 11. Reports are displaying at Top left corner of the browser leaving all the other places as blank. But this issue was not applicable for all the reports. I am wondering why it is been a issue for only 3 reports and others are working fine. One more Intere...Read more